Stocks bought on March 31, 2010 cannot be sold on April 01, 2010

The Bombay Stock Exchange, in Mumbai, is Asia'...

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Please note that shares bought on March 31, 2010 should not be sold on April 01, 2010 as trades done on both these days will be settled together on April 06, 2010. There will be no settlement on April 01, 2010 due to annual closing of banks.

Also, please note that the pay-in schedule has  been changed for stocks sold on March 31, 2010 and April 01, 2010 to 10.00 a.m. and 2.00 p.m. on 06.04.2010 respectively.

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Buy Cairn, Tata Investments for long term

Planet's cheapest car, the Nano xj.

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As the long term outlook of Cairn India, LIC Housing Finance and Tata Investments are appears to be bright, we advice buying of these stocks. In the three to five years horizon, these stocks have the potential to double your money. 

For short term, buy tea stocks like Tata Tea, Assam Co Ltd. (20 –30% return expected in 6 months)

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Reliance may soon announce unlimited free calls on Sunday

Reliance Communications Limited
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Reliance Communications has become the second Indian mobile operator to cross the 100 million subscribers. The company is planning to  allow their customers a complete free day on Sunday. “Reliance customer, whether they are a mobile customer or a Fixed Wireless Phone (FWP) customer, can make unlimited free calls—local, long distance or roaming calls—anywhere in the country, anytime of the day, all day Sunday.
Good news for Reliance mobile customers. Wait for official announcement.

The company has announcement stated that this offer is valid only on 28.03.2010 and that to for Reliance to Reliance calls.  
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Collaborative bookmarking with lists BY gOOGLE

Official Google Blog: Collaborative bookmarking with lists
Bookmarks are a great way to keep track of your favorite content across the web and we want to help you share them with your friends. To use lists, visit Google Bookmarks at or by clicking “Manage all” in your Google Toolbar. From there, select the links you want to share and click “Copy to list.” Lists are private by default, but once you’ve created one you can share it with specific friends or even publish it to the web. For example, if a friend of yours is visiting Seattle for the first time and you have some local attractions bookmarked, you might want to create a new list for “Seattle attractions” and share it with your friend.

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SB Accounts would earn more from April 1st

The RBI Regional Office in Nagpur(Maharashtra)

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Good news for the saving account holders. Finally RBI has instructed the banks to calculate interest (3.5% per annum) on daily closing balance of your savings account. So every day counts. This directive would take effect on 01.04.2010. At present, interest would be calculated on the lowest monthly balance (from 10th to 31st of each month)in the your savings account. 

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Netbook buying guide from Chip India


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Popular technology magazine CHIP now introduces ALL ABOUT reference guide.The first ever consumer buying guide on Netbooks, ALL ABOUT gives a complete low down on 77 Netbook models available in India.

To download the PDF guide, Please click here.

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Perfios now supports Futures and Options Transactions

Futures & Options transactions are now supported by the Perfios, my favorite online PF manager. Equity reports will now reflect your F&O transactions. As far as I know, this feature is first introduced by the Perfios in India. They already released a mobile application which would run on Samsung mobiles ( which I didn’t try as I am not having Samsung mobile). They also have auto-update support for fixed deposits for users who have accounts with State Bank of India (and all State Bank entities like State Bank of Hyderabad, State Bank of Bikaner and Jaipur etc), Citibank, ICICIBank, HDFC Bank, Vijaya Bank.

Highly useful features of Perfios make it a secure online Personal finance manager. We request Perfios team to develop offline access either using Google Gears or like an application developed by Edelweiss

Shares bought on March 15, 2010 should not be sold on March 16 2010

Squeezed in

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Clubbing of settlements (Due to bank holiday on occasion of ‘Gudi Padwa’on 16.03.2010)

Please note that shares bought on March 15, 2010 should not be sold on March 16 2010 as trades done on both these days will be settled together on March, 18, 2010.

Also, please note that the pay-in schedule has changed for stocks sold on March 15, 2010 and March 16.2010 to 10.00 a.m. and 2.00 p.m on 18.03.2010 respectively.

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ICICI Bank stops issuing any new lifetime free credit cards

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ICICI Bank Ltd has withdrawn its lifetime free cards scheme, signalling a change in business strategy for consumer banking. The bank has decided to charge new credit card customers. ICICI Bank had introduced the lifetime free card scheme in August 2005, which forced other banks to waive fees on their card offerings.

Citibank NA, HDFC Bank Ltd and Axis Bank Ltd, however, continue to offer free credit cards. Axis Bank is a relatively new entrant.

In an email response to, ICICI Bank’s spokesperson said: “We constantly review our product pricing, based on market dynamics in line with our business strategy. Currently, we are not offering free-for-life cards for any new customers. We have a set of existing customers who have been offered a free-for-life card.” These customers will continue to use the cards. “Our credit card product range provides powerful benefits and convenience to our customers and these will be fee-based,” he added.

ICICI Bank yet to update it’s website on this new measures.

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Free Plastic Surgery

Walter Yeo, the first person to receive plasti...

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If you know anyone who has met with a fire accident or people who are born with problems / disabilities such as jointed ear, nose and mouth, please note they can avail free plastic surgery at Pasam Hospital, KODAIKANAL from March 23rd to 4th April 2010 by German Doctors. Every thing is free. Contact Nos. 04542 - 240668, 245732
Heart Surgery Free Of Cost for Children (0-10) – Shri Satya Sai Institute, Banglore – Ph : 080 28411500

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