Happy New Year

There have been many time in 2009
when I may disturbed you
troubled u
irritated u
bugged u
today I just want to tell you
I plan to continue it in 2010.

May the God gives You
12 Month of Happiness,
52 Weeks of Fun,
365 Days Success,
8760 Hours Good Health,
52600 Minutes Good Luck,
3153600 Seconds of Joy

Thank you very much  and

Happy New Year 2010

Change in Market Timing

Please note that with effect from Monday, January 4, 2010, trading in
the Equity and Equity Derivatives segments on both the exchanges, the
BSE as well as the NSE, will commence from 9.00 a.m. onwards, instead
of the present timing of 9.55 am onwards.

Consequently, the continuous trading session in both segments (Equity
and Equity Derivatives) will be from 9.00 a.m. to 3.30 pm on all
business days. There will be no change in timings of any other session
in both the segments. It is also clarified that the Block Deal window
timings in the Equity Segment of the exchange will be from 9.00 a.m.
to 9.35 a.m. There is no change in the timings of closing session,
Auction market.

Google Map India Improved

Have you ever been lost? Perhaps you missed a turn because a street sign was poorly labeled, hard to see in the dark, or just not where it should have been? These are problems we've all faced, but they're especially complicated in India, where street names are not commonly known and the typical wayfinding strategy is to ask someone on the street. Without road names, it's difficult to produce a set of directions that makes sense. Just take a look at this screenshot of Google Maps directions in India in 2008 and you'll get the picture:

To solve this problem, this week we launched an improvement to Google Maps India that describes routes in terms of easy-to-follow landmarks and businesses that are visible along the way. We gathered feedback from users around the world to spark this improvement to our technology, and we thought we'd give you a glimpse at our thinking behind this launch.

We knew from previous studies in several countries that most people rely on landmarks — visual cues along the way — for successful navigation. But we needed to understand how people use those visual cues, and what makes a good landmark, in order to make our instructions more human and improve route descriptions. To get answers to these questions, we ran a user research study that focused specifically on how people give and get directions. We called businesses and asked how to get to their store; we recruited people to keep track of directions they gave or received and later interviewed them about their experiences; we asked people to draw us diagrams of routes to places unfamiliar to us; we even followed people around as they tried to find their way.

We found that using landmarks in directions helps for two simple reasons: they are easier to see than street signs and they are easier to remember than street names. Spotting a pink building on a corner or remembering to turn after a gas station is much easier than trying to recall an unfamiliar street name. Sometimes there are simply too many signs to look at, and the street sign drowns in the visual noise. A good landmark always stands out.

We also discovered that there are three situations in which people resort to landmarks.

The first is when people need to orient themselves — for instance, they just exited a subway station and are not sure which way to go. Google Maps would say: "Head southeast for 0.2 miles." A person would say: "Start walking away from the McDonald's."

The second situation is when people use a landmark to describe a turn: "Turn right after the Starbucks."

The third use, however, is the most interesting. We discovered that often people simply want to confirm that they are still on the right track and haven't missed their turn.

Giving people this sense of confidence while they explore an unfamiliar territory became one of the goals of our redesign. Over the course of several months, the team brainstormed various ways of presenting the information contained in Google Maps in a way that would be useful for people. We then settled on a design that added some landmarks to describe the turns and confirm the route.

The next step was to put this design to a test with drivers in Bangalore, India. The results were eye-opening. While we were on the right track with introducing landmarks, we still relied on street names too heavily. Drivers wanted more confirmation. They wanted to compare what they saw on Google Maps with what they saw from the driver's seat, every step of the way.

We added more landmarks along routes and reduced the visual prominence of street names, and the result was our final design:

Now Google Maps India gives you directions like a local would. Happy wayfinding!

This post is written by R.John Christy for www.investchips.com.

Access your Credit Information Report (CIR) directly from CIBIL for Rs.142

Palm Beach Road between Vashi and Belapur pass...

Image via Wikipedia

You can now access your Credit Information Report (CIR) directly from CIBIL. As you may be aware, your CIBIL CIR is a factual record of your credit payment history compiled from information received from credit grantors. The purpose is to help credit grantors make informed lending decisions - quickly and objectively, and enable faster processing of your credit applications to help provide you speedier access to credit at better terms.

You can request for a copy of your CIBIL CIR in three quick steps through Email, Mail or Fax:

Email: myreport@cibil.com

  • 1. Email the CIR Request Form duly filled in
  • 2. Mail self attested hardcopies of your latest Identity Proof1and      Address Proof2 documents and Fees3 to P.O.BOX 17, Millennium      Business Park, Navi Mumbai- 400710
  • 3. Once CIBIL receives the documents and Fees3, your request will be      processed and copy of your CIR will be dispatched to you.


Letter: Address*

  • 1. Write to CIBIL with the CIR Request Form duly filled in
  • 2. Also mail self attested hardcopies of your Identity Proof1 and latest     Address Proof2 documents and Fees3 to P.O.BOX 17, Millennium     Business Park, Navi Mumbai- 400710
  • 3. Once CIBIL receives the documents and Fees3, your request will be      processed and copy of your CIR will be dispatched to you.


Fax: 022-40789007

  • 1. Fax CIBIL the CIR Request Form duly filled in
  • 2. Mail self attested hardcopies of your Identity Proof1 and latest      Address Proof2 documents and Fees3 to P.O.Box 17, Millennium      Business Park, Navi Mumbai 400710
  • 3. Once CIBIL receives the documents and Fees3, your request will be      processed and a copy of your CIR will be dispatched to you.

1. Valid Identity Proof: PAN Card/ Passport/ Voters ID (Mail self attested hard copy of any one of      these Identity Proofs)

2. Valid Address Proof: Bank Account Statement/ Electricity Bill/ Telephone bill (Mail self      attested hard copy of any one of these Address Proofs)

3. Payment terms: Demand Draft (DD) of Rs 142/- (inclusive of all taxes and express delivery      charge) , in favour of Credit Information Bureau (India) Limited payable at Mumbai
     Please note that the fee once paid is non-refundable.

Download Request Form

CIBIL has no authorised agents. Please do not contact anyone other than CIBIL in order to gain access to a copy of your Credit Information Report.

Your CIBIL CIR will be presented to you in a simple and easy to understand format. However, on receiving your CIBIL CIR, if you require any explanation/clarification, you can email us at consumerqueries@cibil.com.

CIBIL is always at your service to assist you.

* Credit Information Bureau (India) Limited
P.O Box 17,
Millennium Business Park,
Navi Mumbai- 400710

All your correspondence to CIBIL must be sent through Indian Post only

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NSE & BSE to open trading at 9am from 4 Jan,2010 not on Dec, 18

The Bombay Stock Exchange, in Mumbai, is Asia'...

Image via Wikipedia

Based on the feedback received from different sections of India’s investment community, the country’s two main exchanges—BSE and NSE—have jointly agreed on Thursday to open the bourses for trading from 9am with effect from 4 January 2010.

The BSE in a statement said, “… it has been jointly decided by BSE and NSE that the revision of market open timing to 9 am shall be effective from January 4, 2010. In the interim, the current market open timing of 9:55 am shall continue.”

On Wednesday, the exchanges said the market would open at 9 am effective 18 December, an advancement of nearly an hour. The market closing time would continue to remain unchanged at 3:30 pm.

In October, market regulator Sebi allowed stock exchanges to fix trading timings between 9am and 5 pm.

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NSE to open at 9am from Friday, BSE to follow

he National Stock Exchange (NSE) on Wednesday evening announced it would pre-pone the market opening to 9am from Friday, from 9.52 earlier. Market closing, however, would remain the same — 3.30pm — the NSE said. Minutes after the NSE announcement, the BSE — not to be left behind — too said it would open the markets at 9am.

Source : NSE & BSE Press Releases

One button to merge all duplicate contacts in Gmail

Managing a big address book can be a challenge, so it's no surprise that the top request for Google contacts is a fast, easy way to merge duplicate contacts. You've been able to merge contacts one-by-one for a while, but now we've added a single button that merges all your duplicate contacts at once. To clean up your contact list in one fell swoop, just click the "Find duplicates" button in the contact manager, review the merge suggestions (and uncheck any suggestions you don't want merged), and hit the "Merge" button.

If you've been considering getting all your contacts into Gmail or syncing your Gmail contacts to your phone, now's the time to do it. As we've written about previously, you can sync your contacts to a wide variety of devices (including Android, iPhone, Blackberry, SyncML, etc). So if you were dreading spending hours getting your contacts in order, now you can do it with a couple clicks.

This post is written by R.John Christy for www.investchips.com.

Google way to get your web business ready for the holidays

1. Update your wishlist:
Use the Search-based Keyword Tool to find keywords that you never thought of incorporating into your campaign for the holidays. (Here is a how-to guide for how best to use the tool: Monetize The Long Tail of Search).

2. Know what's hot this season:
Research on Insights for Search to see what the “Rising Searches” are and understand how people are searching for your brand (and your competitors!).

3. Read the wish lists:
Who could be looking for you? Type your website URL into Google Ad Planner to see who is looking for your site, broken down by demographic categories like age and gender.

4. Follow the reindeer:
Where else are they going? Use Ad Planner to find other websites that share the same demographics as yours. Putting display ads on that site might be a great way for you to target that audience!

5. Build new toys:
Create new AdWords campaigns for your holiday lines and products. Incorporate new keywords and keep in mind the trends you found on Insights for Search.

6. Train the elves:
Test your AdWords campaigns by introducing new holiday promotions. Then, test your promotions — a promotion for "30% off" might resonate better with your customers than "Buy One Get One Free."

7. Check your list twice:
Use Google Analytics to better understand where your traffic is coming from during the holiday season. Find out who's coming to your website, when they're coming and where they're coming from.

8. Map out the route:
How long are people staying on your website? Use Google Analytics to understand your purchasing cycle. Which pages have the highest bounce rate? And which pages are people leaving the quickest?

9. Test run on the sleigh:
Run experiments using Website Optimizer on the landing pages you have linked from your ads. Make sure the images are in the right place and that they're not a distraction for your customer. Play around with the size of the image and the image type.

10. Does the chimney work?:
Test different versions of your purchase page to find out what works best. Change the "purchase" button on your webpage. Pick different colors — bright versus dark colors — and vary the button sizes. Try out different text on your button. See which of these variations lead to the most clicks to conversions.

This post is written by R.John Christy for www.investchips.com.

Special report on commodity market by Nirmal Bang

YIWU, CHINA - SEPTEMBER 27:  A toy vendor wait...

Image by Getty Images via Daylife

Nirmal Bang has recently came out with a exhaustive research report on Indian Commodity market.  You can access the report here. Those interested in trading in commodity market may found the report very useful.

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Cox&Kings : What Investchips advised is again proved to be correct

Cox & Kings

Image via Wikipedia

Stock market some times behave like a mad man. Some good companies are punished for no reason. Some unworthy companies may give windfall gains due to manipulation. But these are for only short term. In the long run, market always reward real winners. Identifying and staying with these gems would definitely give windfall returns to the portfolio.

Cox&Kings is one of the gems. When Cox&Kings came out with IPO, we wrote   on 18.11.2009 “Comparing it’s position in the industry  and compelling valuation make us to recommend this IPO. Invest at CutOFF”.  On 08.12.2009, we came out with a list of stocks that worth investing. We included Cox&Kings in that list even before listing. See the first day performance.

Cox & Kings raised 6.10 billion rupees ($131 million) through its IPO. Its shares opened at 304.10 rupees--7.8% below its 330 rupees issue price--but staged a smart come back. Shares in the travel company finally closed at 426.05 rupees and over 16.95 million shares changed hands on the Bombay Stock Exchange.

We expect that the stock would double in the next two years. Hold.

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ICICI Fellows : Professional leadership programme

Icici Bank Poster, Festival of South Asia, Toronto

Image by Ian Muttoo via Flickr

ICICI Foundation says that If you are an achiever and want to do something that will change the world around you, this programme is for you. It also claims that it is not just a training programme, this is a transformative experience. Focusing on personal coaching, mentorship, experiential modules, hands-on training, in addition to management training; this pioneering programme provides you with information, knowledge & more importantly - an insight into social dynamics.

Age & Qualification
If you are an achiever between 21 to 28 years of age and a graduate as on 1st July, 2010, you are eligible to apply.

Support Provided

A fixed monthly stipend of Rs. 12,000/- (during your tenure with the NGO)

Travel reimbursement by Tier III AC in train or equivalent.(programme related & further to approvals)

A medical insurance of Rs 1 Lakh per year.

Personalised coaching and mentorship provided to you through your entire tenure.

To maximise this personal transformative journey, iVolunteer will also facilitate analysing and managing your progress and areas of opportunity.

Post Fellowship Support: The alumni support services available for ICICI Fellows on successful completion of the programme will include career counselling, professional networking and tie ups with organisations seeking leadership talent.

Selection Process

ICICI Fellows is an exclusive programme targetted at the top youth talent in the country. All applicants for the programme will undergo a stringent selection process aimed to select the most talented young graduates with consistent past performance record, displaying leadership potential and a passion for India.
The selection process comprises :


Online Application: All candidates need to complete the Online Application Form on this website. The last date for applying is 30th January, 2010.

Preliminary Screening & Tele-interviews: Preliminary screening will be conducted based upon the information submitted in the application. Shortlisted candidates will be scheduled for a telephonic interview.

Assessment Days: Candidates finally shortlisted will need to attend an assessment day. The assessment day will be one whole day of activities, wherein the candidates will be assessed on their aptitude, leadership skills, commitment to the programme, ability to undergo the intensive modules and inclination towards nation-building. The assessment days focus closely on each candidate while subjecting them to a mix of individual and group activities under close observation of a group of trained and accomplished assessors.

The select few who emerge successful at the end of the selection process will be ready for the rigorous 2-year journey.

For more information, Please click here

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Stocks for 2010 and Beyond

The Bombay Stock Exchange, in Mumbai, is Asia'...

Image via Wikipedia

Here is a list of stocks that you  can consider for long-term investment.

  1. 3i Infotech
  2. ACC
  3. Amara Raja Batteries
  4. Apollo Hospitals
  5. Asian Paints
  6. Balrampur Chini
  7. Bhariti Airtel
  8. Biocon
  9. Cairn
  10. Cipla
  11. Colgate- palmolive
  12. Cox & Kings
  13. Dabur
  14. Engineers India
  15. Exide Ind
  16. GAIL
  17. GMR Infra
  18. Gujarat NRE
  19. Hotel Leela
  20. HUL
  21. India Cements
  22. Indian Hotels
  23. ITC
  24. JAIN Irrigations
  25. Marico
  26. Max India
  27. Nestle
  28. Polaris Software
  29. Rolta India
  30. Sintex Indus
  31. SRF
  32. SUN TV
  33. Suzlon Energy
  34. TATA Steel
  35. TATA Tea
  36. Zydus Wellness

As I am not personally inclined to invest in Reliance Group, I have avoided both the Reliance Group. If ethics is not a problem for you, you can consider, Reliance Ind and Reliance Communi for your investments.

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Sharekhan’s Dec 09 Value Guide Released

2009-07-21 thru 07-29 India Business Trip 27

Image by JanetandPhil via Flickr

Sharekhan’s monthly news letter Value Guide with latest stocks recommendations is released to its customers.

    • Aditya Birla Nuvo: Price target revised to Rs925
    • Balrampur Chini Mills: Strong numbers in the offing
    • BASF India: Price target revised to Rs390
    • Bharat Electronics: Put on Hold
    • Corporation Bank: Price target revised to Rs514
    • Dhampur Sugar Mills: Results in line with expectations
    • Genus Power Infrastructures: Suspend coverage
    • Godrej Consumer Products: Upgraded to Buy
    • Hindustan Unilever: Put on Hold
    • ICICI Bank: Upgraded to Buy
    • Indian Hotels Company: Revival in occupancies augurs well
    • Infosys Technologies: Infosys BPO to acquire McCamish 
    • ISMT: Margins below expectations
    • Orbit Corporation: Put on Hold
    • Orchid Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals: Put on Hold
    • Patels Airtemp India: Better operating performance boosts profits
    • Reliance Industries: Price target revised to Rs2,250
    • Selan Exploration Technology: Price target revised to Rs360
    • State Bank of India: Results largely inline; negative surprise on asset quality
    • Subros: Q2 performance better than expected
    • Sun Pharmaceutical Industries: Price target revised to Rs1,491
    • Torrent Pharmaceuticals: Price target revised to Rs420
    • Tourism Finance Corporation of India: Price target revised to Rs28
    • UltraTech Cement: UltraTech-Samruddhi merger; swap ratio 4:7

For full report, Please click here.

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