Firefox 3.5 Download Link

Mozilla Firefox

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Much awaited Firefox about to be released for public to download. If you wish you can download Firefox 3.5 (final release) using the following links:


Mac OS X:


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Small cap banks are Buzzing

Logo of Reliance Industries Limited

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It seems that informed buying is taking place in small and midcap banks. After prolonged lull, Tamil Nadu based City Union Bank is started to move up with the news that L&T is said to be accumulating this stock. Indusind bank achieved our target yesterday and poised to move further. Investchips recommends accumulation of DCB and Yes Bank for short-term gains. For the next few days, we recommend concentrate on individual stocks rather than Nifty and sensex. Reliance may surprise many. But we are fed up with the sibling battle and they are really ruining the economy at a crucial period. Though Reliance has huge potential, we are concerned about the safety their assets in India in view of  its location and geo-political situations in Pakistan. This single reason is enough to shun this stock from the individual investors portfolio. You can quantify risks not uncertainties.    

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Clubbing of settlements

Texture Fun 1

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This is to inform you that shares bought on June 30, 2009 should not be sold on July 01, 2009 as trades done on both these days will be settled together on July 03, 2009, as there is no settlement on July 01, 2009 due to RBI Annual Closing.

Also, please note that the pay-in schedule has changed for stocks sold on June 30, 2009 and July 01, 2009 to 10.00 a.m. and 2.00 p.m. respectively.

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How to play Suzlon now?

Chitradurga Suzlon Wind Farm (168645590)

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After Suzlon’s disappointing set of results, investors are wanted to know whether to hold or sell this stock. It’s long term performance would depend on  their technology up gradation and debt reduction. We are very sure that the company is taking concrete steps to address the above concerns and the results of their initiatives would be visible in the next two years. We are sure that Suzlon is a good investment bet for long-term.  Short term investors may exit around Rs.125. Longterm investors should use every opportunity to accumulate around Rs.100- Rs105.   

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Religare Brokerage Details


Image by Alessandra F. via Flickr

Religare is promoted by the previous owners of Ranbaxy.

Unique features

  1. Trade Rewards: It is a unique offering from Religare that gives you dual benefits of hassle free investment experience online and an opportunity to earn while you invest like credit card reward points.

  2. Interest on cash margin : You earn interest on your unutilized daily cash margin @ rate of 3.5%/annum.’


  1. R-ACE (Basic) :
    • Account activation charges Rs. 299/-
    • No software installation required, easily accessible on browser
    • NSE cash segment, NSE F&O and BSE on single platform
  2. R-ACE Lite (Advanced) :
    • Account activation charges Rs. 499/-
    • No software installation required, easily accessible on browser
    • NSE cash segment, NSE F&O and BSE on single platform
    • Real-time streaming quotes
    • Hot key functions for faster trading
  3. R-ACE Pro (Professional):
    • Account activation charges Rs. 999/-
    • Traders terminal on your desktop
    • NSE cash segment, NSE F&O and BSE on single platform
    • Real-time streaming quotes
    • Technical charting (Intraday and EOD)
    • Multiple watch list
    • Advanced hot-key functions for faster trading
    • Derivative chains
    • Futures & Options calculator

Brokerage Details (Click on the links for details)

  1. Classic Account
  2. Freedom Account
  3. Trump Account 

For Racepro, you need higher than dialup connection -that is broadband. Sometimes you may not able to access their trading platform. You can place orders through a toll free number without any charges.

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Suzlon Energy reported a 77% decline in its net profit at Rs236.48 crore in fiscal year 2009

HALLE, GERMANY - MARCH 16:  Workers 100m above...

Image by Getty Images via Daylife

The country’s largest wind turbine maker, Suzlon Energy, on Sunday reported a 77% decline in its net profit at Rs236.48 crore in fiscal year 2009 on the back of currency losses and replacement of defective blades.

The company’s net profit (after share in associates profit and minority interest) was Rs1,030.10 crore in fiscal year 2008.

Revenues took a hit last year after some clients in the US cancelled orders and the company undertook replacement of defective blades.

For audited financial statement, please click here 

Consolidated statement of Suzlon

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Exit TATA Group for Short term

MUMBAI, INDIA - NOVEMBER 27: Fire can be seen ...

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It seems TATA’s are in trouble. Their flagships are facing more and more of financial problem. First their Nono Car project, then their Hotel, then their overseas acquisitions for Tata Steel and Tata Motors. This list seems unending. Except Tata Tea, all their ventures are feeling the pain of Global Meltdown. We don’t understand their business acumen of insuring their assets with their own insurance venture.  No doubt that TATA group is one of the most trusted and respected business groups of India. For long-term investments, we prefer TATAs rather than Reliance even if it presents more potential. Only reason for the preceding statement is the integrity of TATAs and peace of mind it gives. But short term outlook for this Group of companies appear to be bleak. We expect around 60% value erosion in next couple of years. Sell now. After 2-3 years you may be presented with more opportunities to enter at lower levels.    

Exit TATA Group. We are very proud to be Indians.

But our patriotism and sentiments should not be allowed to mar our investment decisions.

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Ventura’s Brokerage Details

Ventura’s brokerage details are as follows.

Reliance Money Limit Card Details

Anil Ambani

Image by Ujwala Prabhu via Flickr


Card Name Value (Rs.) Delivery Limits (Lacs) Margin Limits (Lacs) Validity (days)
PR 500 500.00 2   365
Bi-monthly 1000.00 10 90 60
Half Yearly 2500.00 30 270 180
Annual 5000
5000.00 70 630 365
Annual 10000
10000.00 200 1800 365

Limit Card is a pre-loaded fees card, which is a prerequisite for accessing Reliance Money online portal.

You may roll over the unutilized turnover limit of the existing card to the new card purchased. Maximum roll over is possible upto Rs.10 crores turnover limit in intraday trading and Rs.1crore turnover limit for delivery based trading.. The Limit Card has to be renewed by you atleast six days after the expiry of your existing Limit Card, to avail the rollover benefit.
The roll over benefit is not available in respect of Promotional Scheme PR-500.

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Suzlon may touch Rs.150 in medium term

Chitradurga :: Suzlon Wind Farm

Image by ramkrsna via Flickr

Invetchips recommended Suzlon as a long-term bet. But recent chart patterns and accumulation by savvy traders indicate that it may soon touch Rs.150. Medium term investors can accumulate this stock for a target price of Rs.150. If you wish, stop loss can be put at Rs.88 .We again recommend Indusind bank and Jayashree Tea as  short-term bets. Any dip due to F&O closing may be used to accumulate these scrips.

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AdSense for Mobile Applications beta

AdSense for Mobile Applications allows developers to earn revenue by displaying text and image ads in their iPhone and Android applications. For this beta launch, Google created a site where developers can learn more about the AdSense for Mobile Applications program, see answers to frequently asked questions and sign up to participate in our beta. Advertisers can also learn about the benefits of advertising in mobile applications.

Official Google Blog: Announcing the AdSense for Mobile Applications beta

This post is written by R.John Christy for

Pros and Cons of India Infoline/


Image by Powru via Flickr

This write up is based on my personal experience as a customer of rather than a shareholder of IIL.  Their present brokerage structure is as below:

I With advanced brokerage of Rs.8000/annum or Rs.1000/month

Intra Day Cash 0.05% on each leg plus other taxes and levies . Minimum brokerage 1 paisa/share

Delivery cash 0.25% plus other taxes and levies .Minimum brokerage 5 paisa/share

F&O 0.05% on each leg plus other taxes and levies

Option : 1% of the premium or Rs100 which ever is higher

II With no advance brokerage

Intra Day Cash 0.10% on each leg plus other taxes and levies. Minimum brokerage 1 paisa/share

Delivery cash 0.50% plus other taxes and levies . Minimum brokerage 5 paisa/share

F&O 0.10% on each leg plus other taxes and levies

Option : 1% of the premium or Rs100 which ever is higher

Demat Charges : A/c opening charge Rs.555 with no AMC and Rs.18/delivery each sell transaction.

( When they started their broking operation, they charged only 5 paisa per Rs.100, thats why their site was named as

With this background I am proceeding to their Pros and Cons.


  1. Their trading software called “Trader Terminal”. Your orders will be execute literally at Speed of Thought. Very low bandwidth requirement of this software makes you trade even with a dial-up or GPRS connection. Multiple customizable Market Watch with pre defined “Groups” make your trading and finding companies very easy.
  2. Their world class research reports and trading ideas. They are free to all it’s customers. Their delivery calls are having very high success rate. I rate all their research reports very high. They are simply Great.
  3. Their browser based trading portal which is a replica of their “Trader Terminal” with limited functions facilitate to trade even behind firewalls and from your office .
  4. Customer Care: If you send an email, mostly the problem will be sorted out with in 48 hours . ( Note: As I am a customer of their main branch- opened A/c in 2001- I never contacted any Relationship Manger. I normally send mail to and the issue got solved. within 48 hours.Some  people who contacted their RM, had different opinions). Hence this is my personal opinion. Even online Help Desk and Phone help desk also available.
  5. Password rest by SMS and Free SMS trade confirmations at the end of the day.
  6. I trust the top Management’s integrity and we can trust them to keep our money and shares.
  7. If you give limited Power of Attorney,  then the trading would be Paper Less. No need to sign demat delivery slips.
  8. Based on your trading History, Individuals are given limits and margin facility. It is the best of the best available in India. Value of shares in your Demat A/c also taken into account while calculating your margin and exposure ( Which is not available with  Reliance Money).
  9. Immediate trading limit given when you transfer funds online.
  10. You can place orders through internet, branch and phone. No extra levy for orders through phone (unlike Reliance Money and Religare).
  11. You can place orders even after 3PM without sufficient balance in your A/c (margin Buy) and can settle amount before next trading day starts.


  1. Their very high brokerage. Intra day and F&O traders may find their brokerage very high. India Infoline should lower their intra day brokerage to 0.05% and Minimum brokerage for Option trading should be removed. 

What is my final call

You can open A/c just to avail their Research reports and investment ideas. They are really world class. Their brokerage structure is optimum for investors. For traders, their brokerage structure is very high. But your orders will be executed at lightening speed. You may open A/c with advance brokerage option.

My wish

A brokerage house with the quality of India Infiolne Research, Trader Terminal features, customer care and Reliance Money’s brokerage structure. I hope, one day God may fulfill my wish.

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First 100,000 owners of the Tata Nano chosen; Deliveries beginning in July

MUMBAI, INDIA - MARCH 23:  Ratan Naval Tata Ch...

Image by Getty Images via Daylife

Tata Motors is pleased to announce that it has completed the process to select the first 100,000 owners of the Tata Nano from among the 2,06,703 final list of applicants who had booked the car. As announced at the launch on March 23, the first 100,000 owners were selected through a computerised random selection process. The company had said that the process would be completed within 60 days of the closure of booking on April 25.

The booking process had also given the option to applicants to indicate whether they would like to retain their booking amounts with the company, even if they do not get selected among the first 100,000 allottees, and await delivery of their cars after them. 67% (137,867) applicants had chosen this option, from which a further 55,021 retainees have been made allotments. The booking amounts of the unsuccessful applicants, who had not exercised this option, are being returned.  

The company will be individually informing all applicants about their status of being an allottee, retainee or an unsuccessful applicant. The details have been uploaded on . Applicants need to log on with their booking application number to know their status or contact the company appointed call centre (020 66495678).

The first 100,000 owners
Deliveries will begin from July 2009 and the first 100,000 deliveries are expected to be completed by the last quarter of 2010. All efforts will be made to deliver earlier, by ramping up production at the already operational Pantnagar plant and the fast upcoming Sanand plant. The successful allottees will also be sent discount vouchers of Titan and Westside  valid at their outlets across India.

Tata Motors reconfirms that the first 100,000 owners are price-protected, and will get their Tata Nano at the ex-showroom prices, announced at launch on March 23.
The Retainees
The deliveries to the 55,021 retainees will begin after the first 100,000 deliveries.

Tata Motors reconfirms that the retainees will benefit from an interest of 8.5% on their booking amount if the car is delivered within two years from the date of allotment (23rd  June 2009)  and 8.75% if the car is delivered after two years from the date of allotment. The interest will be paid directly to the retainees by Tata Motors.

Along with the confirmatory letter, Tata Motors is making retainees an exciting offer on the Tata Indica range over and above any current scheme on these cars in the market, in addition to  discount vouchers of Titan and Westside which can be used at any outlet of these companies across India


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Mahindra Holidays IPO - Avoid

@Club Mahindra Resort, Binsar

Image by manishmo via Flickr

Mahindra Holidays and Resorts India (MHRIL) has opened for subscription today with an initial public offering of 92,65,275 equity shares of Rs 10 each for cash at a price to be decided through a 100% book-building process.

The bid/ issue will close on June 26, 2009. The IPO price band is fixed at Rs 275-325 per share. The size of the issue stands Rs 301 crore at the upper end of the price band and Rs 255 crore at the lower end of the band. The issue comprises a fresh issue of 58,96,084 equity shares and an offer for sale of 33,69,191 equity shares by Mahindra and Mahindra (the “selling shareholder”). The issue would constitute 11.0% of the fully diluted post-issue paid-up capital of the company. 

This company’s income mainly depending on new member additions and annual fees received from it’s members. Their scheme resembles MLM schemes with no real utility to the members. We strongly believe that their business and revenue models are not sustainable. This issue is beneficial only to the “selling shareholder”. It would definitely go below the offer price and we wouldn’t recommend buying of this company even then. Avoid this issue for peace of mind.   

Sell SAIL and Suzlon says India Infoline

Indiainfoline advised it’s clients to sell Suzlon and SAIL. They expect the SAIL to go down to Rs.139 (SL Rs.154) and Suzlon to go down to Rs.98 (SL Rs.114).


Ironically Reliance Money just now issued a buy call on Suzlon.

Transfer $500, Get India Calling card free : ICICI Bank

Money, get away. Get a good job with good pay ...

Image via Wikipedia

A new registration & a transfer of USD 500 or more (equivalent in other currencies) within 15 days of registration will get you an up to 200 mins India calling card free says ICICI Bank Money2India. The Offer will open at 00:00 IST on May 27, 2009 and will close at 23:59 IST on June 30, 2009. You will be eligible if you register during the Offer Period and perform a successful transaction for USD 500 or more (or equivalent in other currencies) within 15 days of registration within the Offer Period.To participate in the Offer you will need to register on (the “Website”) during the Offer Period and transfer above USD 500 or more (or equivalent in other currencies) within 15 days of registration by using and perform a successful disbursal to the beneficiary’s account in India, in compliance with the terms and conditions of Money2India (“M2I”) which can be found at

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Adsense default font size has been increased

Google Adsense Page Navigation

Image by Netweb via Flickr

Last week, Adsense allowed the publishers to change font size and asked the publishers to customise the font size as increasing font size results in higher click rate ( a win-win for all).  Previously the default font size was small and you are given option to increase it to medium or large. Now Adsense changed the default font size to Medium.  

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Orkut mobile application now available

Image representing Orkut as depicted in CrunchBase

Image via CrunchBase

Those who already using Gmail mobile application in their mobile phones would know the usefulness of mobile applications.  Google now releases new Java ME (J2ME), MIDP 2.0 for orkut users. With this you can

  • Read and write scraps
  • Status updates
  • View photos
  • View friends and phone contacts in the same list
  • Access scrapbook, photos, and friend list while offline
  • Take and upload photos
  • Call, message, or share photos with friends and phone contacts
To download  visit from your phone.

For more information, Please click here.Google Mobile - orkut for your phone_1245632854886


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Google Calendar shows server error

I couldn't able to access my Google calendar and Gcal outlook sync also not working. Server Error_1245500716891

It returns with server error message. This is the main problem with any online services and it is safe to backup your data locally.

Update : Problem solved within 2 hours.

Buy Indusind Bank

Nice ATM

Image via Wikipedia

First time in the last several weeks, Sensex closed in negative on weekly basis. Till the budget presentation, the market would be more volatile and directionless. In this uncertain scenario we advocate buying of Indusind bank for a target of Rs.94. We also advocate buying of Biocon Ltd, Noida Toll Bridge Company Ltd and Hanung Toys and Textiles Ltd. All are swing trading picks which involve taking delivery and putting  trailing stop loss.

Business India has published a cover page article on “Lupin Labs”. Based on the write-up, we recommend Lupin for long term.

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Do remember that “ You are a Investor”

Rock Port Turbine

Image by smysnbrg via Flickr

Recent market movements might stimulate you to trade frequently. But just increasing your trading frequency alone may not make you rich. It may make your broker rich. Speculation is a specialized business for which the tools are not at all available to retail investors even in this internet era. Those investors scalping for less than 1% intra day movement certainly poised to lose all his money to market and broker. For this reason I quit “Reliance Money” and switched to IndiaInfoline and Religare. 

Have a investment plan. Invest regularly in different asset classes and never indulge in margin trading.

Our this week pick “Jayshree Tea” gained 20% even in this market. Our target is Rs.225. Suzlon may soon go to Rs.80-Rs.86. Accumulate Suzlon for long term (longer than 5 years). It is a real multi bagger. You can also read Ms. Charu’s post which details investment rational .

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Now Adsense allows you to change font size

Adsense Interface

Image by Telendro via Flickr

Adsense in it’s latest post said that the font size you choose will be applied to the body of the ad, with the title scaled appropriately. In order to fit the ad text correctly, the actual font size will vary for each format size, font face, and user-specific settings such as browsers and operating systems. In addition, some formats sizes currently have very limited room, so the font size application will be most apparent in cases where the number of ads appearing in your ad units varies automatically in order to maximize your performance.
Your ads are currently set at the default size for AdSense, which is the equivalent of 'small'. You can select a new font size on an account-wide basis in the Ad Display Preference section of your My Account tab, or on an individual ad unit basis for new and existing ad units.


If you're creating new ad units, you can choose between the AdSense default font size, your new account-wide font size (if you've selected one using the instructions above), or a separate size. To update existing ad units you've created using the Manage Ads feature, visit the 'Manage Ads' page under your AdSense Setup tab. Any font size changes you make on an individual ad unit basis will be maintained even if you change your account-wide default in the future.
Also, a bit of advance notice: soon, we'll also be changing the default font size across AdSense in ad units from 'small' to 'medium'. We've heard from some of you that the current font size can be too small, and our testing also showed that slightly larger font sizes improved performance. Any ad units set to the default font size will automatically be updated to display the larger setting. If you'd prefer to stick with today's font size, you can set your desired font size as 'small' across your account.

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Birla Sun Life Mutual fund has launched iSIP or internet based SIP

Clipart of bills and coins

Image via Wikipedia

Birla Sun Life Mutual fund has launched iSIP or internet based SIP, a unique and convenient mode of transaction. This facility will enable investors to start their SIP investments online.

iSIP will provide multitude of benefits to investors – being faster, more convenient and providing paper less management of SIPs. Investors investing through financial planners can quickly and conveniently act upon the advise of their advisors. Investors can make purchases, renew their SIP and also have the option to cancel it online. The service is currently available through Citi, ING and Axis banks. Going forward more banks would be added by BSLMF.

Birla Sun Life Mutual Fund has effectively leveraged technology platforms through its "Anytime Anywhere" initiative to provide its customers enhanced service experience.

The success of these initiatives can be gauged by the fact that the online transactions on the Birla Sun Life Mutual Fund website grew by over 350% in the previous financial year.

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HDFC Mutual Fund introduces HDFCMFMobile

SMS message received on a Motorola RAZR wirele...

Image via Wikipedia

HDFC Mutual Fund introduces HDFCMFMobile, a unique facility, which enables you to transact using your mobile phone anywhere and anytime. With HDFCMFMobile you can PURCHASE*, REDEEM or SWITCH units of HDFC Mutual Fund, subject to lock in period, if any. You can also view your Account Details and Portfolio Valuation, request for Account Statements and check NAV of schemes of HDFC Mutual Fund

To transact using HDFCMFMobile all you need is a HPIN (HDFCMF Personal Identification Number). A duly filled Application Form for HPIN** can be submitted at any of our Investor Service Centres. Your HPIN will be normally mailed to your address registered with us within 4 business days.

You also need to download the enabling application - NGPay on your mobile phone. To download the application, please provide your mobile number on the HDFCMFMobile section available on the right hand side of our website The URL for downloading NGPay will be sent to your number via a SMS. A guidance note is also available on our website, should you need any assistance.

After downloading NGPay and on receipt of your HPIN you can begin transacting on HDFCMFMobile .

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Buy Jeyashree Tea

A tea plantation near Nuwara Eliya

Image via Wikipedia

As the market is entering more uncertain phase, we recommend Jayashree Tea and Assam company for buying. Please put last week’s low as stop loss. Both are looking more promising.

We don’t understand the Satyam’s  price movement and insider’s efforts to propagate positive news  when the “open offer” is around the corner. It seems insiders don’t wish to buy Satyam shares from you. In the IT pack, we prefer 3i Infotech and Polaris. They are better managed companies than Satyam. Any service related company requires good reputation and employees to stay afloat. You please judge yourselves. For the next 3 months, Satyam is forced to feed unproductive employees numbering more than 10000 in its roll. Hard luck Satyam shareholders again.

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NSE slashes lot sizes of 143 stocks


Image by zadeus via Flickr

In February, the exchange had increased the lot sizes of 243 stocks, which had caused liquidity concerns in the derivatives segment as more margin was required for trading. The current revision was made to meet the previously set value of each contract at Rs 2 lakh.

The lot sizes of 19 stocks — including GVK Power, Jaiprakash Associates, LIC Housing Finance, Mahindra & Mahindra, Aurobindo Pharma, Bajaj Auto, Bajaj Hindusthan, Balrampur Chini, Dish TV, Financial Technologies, GMR Infrastructure, Maruti Suzuki, Nagarjuna Fertilizer and Steel Authority of India (SAIL) -- were reduced to one-fourth as their current underlying values have gone up to over Rs 8 lakh.

Similarly, the lot sizes of 122 stocks were halved after their underlying values crossed the Rs 4 lakh-mark. These stocks include Adlabs Films, Allahabad Bank, Alstom Projects India, Andhra Bank, Ashok Leyland, Asian Paints, Associated Cement, Axis Bank, Bank of Baroda, Bharat Earth Movers, Bharat Forge and Bhel.

These revisions will take effect from June 26.

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The Maharashtra government ordered probe into Suzlon land sale

Indian actress Aishwarya Rai

Image via Wikipedia

The Maharashtra government on Wednesday announced a probe into allegations that Suzlon Energy Ltd had acquired land for its windmill projects from tribals in two districts at very cheap prices and had later sold it to certain celebrities at very exorbitant prices.

Suzlon had bought the land in the names of Aishwarya Rai, Amitabh Bachchan, Twinkle Khanna and Amar Singh, Gadkari said. Stating that Suzlon had cheated tribals by acquiring the land for Rs7,000-25,000 per acre, Gadkari said the government should make a provision to ensure that the tribals get Rs1 lakh per month from the company.

Reacting to the allegations, Suzlon termed the allegations as “unjustified and baseless.”“Suzlon practices the highest corporate governance standards to ensure full compliance to all legal and regulatory requirements for setting up its projects. Any allegations on our compliance or practices are unjustified and baseless,” Suzlon said in a statement.

“We are surprised by the state government’s decision of an enquiry considering the work done by Suzlon in the state of Maharashtra. We will extend our full cooperation for any enquiry,” Suzlon said in a statement.

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Pros and Cons of Reliance Money

Verisign token

Image via Wikipedia

No doubt that Reliance Money has redefined the Indian Broking Industry. Their unique Limit Card ( Rs.1000/2months) and Security Token (A third level password which automatically changes every 32 seconds) are new to India.

Cons of Reliance Money

  1. If you trading volume is less than 2 lakhs/month then the effective brokerage would be very high
  2. For every telephone order you will be charged Rs.15/order. ( Other brokerages are giving a toll free number and free 50-100 orders/month)
  3. If you place fund withdrawal request, the amount would be debited from your ledger instantly, but you have to wait for 2 working days to get credit into your bank account  
  4. If you place margin orders ( intra day orders) you need to manually square off before 3.10 PM otherwise there is no guarantee that your open positions are squared off. You may be made to pay auction charges.
  5. If you place intra day orders, you will not be allowed to place stop loss orders.
  6. Shares in you Demat accounts would not taken for consideration while calculating your daily limit ( others give you atleast 50-80% limit)
  7. For intra day trading, they give only 4 times exposure of your ledger cash balance. For F&O, only one time exposure is allowed.
  8. Some times their Insta, Fast platforms did not load properly or rates may not refresh automatically. Their   easy platform is very slow.
  9. Their  DP A/c is not free. They are also charging AMC and for every debit instruction.
  10. They didn’t have any EXE software for trading. All their platforms are browser placed. Hence very slow.
  11. Their trading calls and investment tips are not free for even high value customers.
  12. If you make a service call, their customer care employees would take more than 48 hours to initiate action.
  13. Increase the charges every year
  14. For every request to change your bank details, you will be charged Rs.20
  15. You have to carry security token all throughout a day (wherever you go) with you for trading. 
  16. If you miss security token, it would normally take 15 days to get it replaced. You will be charged and have to miss trading opportunities for this 15 days.
  17. You have to pay full limit card charges even if you trade only one day/2months
  18. Compulsory Power of Attorney for your Demat A/c and Bank A/c?!!!!! 


  1. Low cost for frequent and high value traders
  2. Mobile trading through GPRS enabled handsets
  3. You can access trading site even in the firewall protected networks and offices
  4. Online seamless, paperless Mutual Fund Purchase and IPO subscription
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