Jindal Steel & Power - Fixed Deposit – 11%

Under Cumulative Scheme interest will be compounded Quarterly.

Under non cumulative Scheme interest will be payable Quarterly.

Maximum Amount per application Rs.500000 (Rs 5 Lac)


ICICI Bank’s iMobile Application is now available for CDMA phones

1000 mobiles - if you blog or use this please ...

Image by Gaetan Lee via Flickr

Highly popular ICICI Bank’s mobile application which was previously available to only GSM customers  is now made available to TATA Indicom’s CDMA subscribers. For more information please click here.

iMobile allows you to pay your bills, check your account balance, transfer money, recharge your pre-paid mobile and carry out many more transactions.

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WWW.ITRUST.IN : Welcome initiative

Financial Planning India - Home Loans - Personal Loans - Insurance - Fixed Deposits - Tax Planning - iTrust India_1243355775076 Recently we received an email from Mr.Kartik Varma ,Co-Founder of iTrust about their new website called www.itrust.in .When we visited their site for review, we found that It contains very useful, actionable Personal finance contents and tools. You can search best mutual funds of India, Best Health insurance products, so on . It also contain “How to” Guides of financial planning esp. in Indian context. You can even chat with experts.

Chat with product experts, get answers to your personal finance questions.Talk LIVE to Their experts between 3PM to 4PM on the following days (except public holidays):

Monday -Tax Consulting

Tuesday - Financial Planning

Wednesday - Life Insurance

Thursday - Mutual Fund

Friday - Tax Consulting

Worth visiting. Truly rewarding.


Bharti to launch sub-Rs 8,000 Net PC


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The Airtel Net PC is a plug-and-play online computer, inclusive of a 15-inch LCD monitor, keyboard, mouse and Nivio companion (which enables the PC to connect to a backend Linux-run server for storage and applications) and priced at Rs 7,999 exclusively for Airtel broadband customers.The hardware and software (genuine Windows XP) for the Net PC is being provided by Nivio, while the internet connection provided by Airtel. The Net PC consumes only around 5-10 watts of electricity. Airtel will provide 10 GB space to store documents, photos, presentations at a central location (Airtel’s own data centres), and regular original software upgrades.

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Regulatory fee changes in capital market for NSE & BSE

An Emirati woman works at the Standard Charter...

Image by AFP/Getty Images via Daylife

India Infoline informed it’s customers that  regulatory fees have been revised and will be levied to customers w.e.f. April 1, 2009.
The revised to a regulatory charge will be Rs.0.0041% and the previous charge was 0.0039% .

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HDFC Bank charges Rs5.52 per NEFT Transaction

Electronic Fund Transfer, Free Money Transfer, e-Monies Electronic Funds Transfer - HDFC bank4_1242739708234 National Electronic Funds Transfer (E-Monies NEFT) system is a nation wide funds transfer system to facilitate transfer of funds from any bank branch to any other bank branch. Most of the Morden banks offer this service free ( like ICICI Bank). But HDFC Bank said that effective 10th May 09, eMonies National Electronic Funds Transfer through Netbanking will be charged at Rs 5 (plus taxes) per transaction.

Update :

HDFC Bank withdraws the NEFT charges from 1.07.2009

Effective 1st July '09, eMonies National Electronic Funds Transfer will be FREE for all HDFC Bank customers.

Gap up opening expected, International concerns remain

Wise Investments Holiday Card

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No marks for guessing today’s near certain gap-up opening. But remember that international financial crisis is far from over. The same Govt. was governed us for the past 5 years. Don’t do any investment purchase or MF purchase in this week. You may be presented more attractive opportunities in the near future. Traders advised to follow strict money management rules and stop loss. 

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The Winner is “People of India”

Map showing Mountains and Rivers of India

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Election results are just out. People of India have delivered a great mandate to Congress and relived it from the demanding allies.

Why it is good for Nation?


  1. Lefts, Maya and Jeya have no role to play in the Government
  2. Lefts, Maya and Jeya have no role to play in the Government
  3. Lefts, Maya and Jeya have no role to play in the Government


Lets congratulate the People of India

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At odd hours, when you need to speak with Live Chat with a Doctor -HealthcareMagic, Online Medical Advice, Healthcare, Babycare, Search, Review Doctors & Hospitals, Health, Fitness Problems_1241934393095a Doctor, what options do you have today ? The best one generally is to go to the nearest medical center / hospital as your family doctor might not be available to take your call at that time. Now, you can use the Doctor on Call, and Doctor on Live Chat feature, 24X7. A company called Healthcare Magic is offering this as an Online and On phone service.

So next time when you need to talk to a doctor at any time of the day or if you are traveling, you can quickly visit HealthcareMagic.com and get your health queries answered. You can chat with the doctors who are online 24X7 about all your health queries. They can advice you online and suggest you the best course of action and a second opinion.

They are having special plans for NRI’s through which you can meet the health care needs of your parents staying at India. For more details, Please click here.

Warren Buffetts’s Advice

Hard Work : All hard work bring a profit, but a mere talk leads to only poverty

Laziness : A sleeping Lobster is carried away by the water current Warren Buffett's advice for 2009

Earnings : Never depends upon single source of income ( atleast your investments get you second source)

Spending : If you buy things you don’t need, then soon you sell things you need

Savings: Don’t save what is left after spending; Spend what is left after saving

Borrowings : The borrower becomes the lender’s slave


Investchips started to post micro blogs @ Twitter. Kindly follow us at http://twitter.com/investchips . Thank you.

Online Security Tips from Axis Bank

Attention! Your Axis Online Banking Account ha...

Image by Reach out for Kenya via Flickr

Recently Axis bank has sent an email with online security tips. As I think it would be useful for all our readers, I am reproducing the contents below. 

While the bank has best-of-the-breed solutions, processes and people deployed to extend secure banking to its customers, it is important for our customers to know that "Security is incomplete without U". Customers need to follow secure computing guidelines to avert any security breaches of their iConnect accounts, as keys to the internet banking accounts are held by respective account owners in the form of iConnect Login ID & Passwords.

We would like to caution you against the menace of fraudulent emails that claim to have come from AXIS Bank/other well known respectable sources. These emails ask the customer to verify personal details by clicking on a link and some of them threaten to restrict the internet banking access or similar such action in case you do not respond.

We would like to re-iterate that as a policy we NEVER ask for account sensitive information like login id , internet banking passwords, debit card pin numbers, full debit card/credit card numbers etc. from our customers through emails/on phone/letters/representatives.

To ensure a legitimate and safe sign on for internet banking, please follow:


- Always access your iConnect account on a secured PC.

- Always create a strong password.

- Opt for mobile phone alerts on any third party transactions.

- Always log out completely from your account after completing your transaction.

- Always type the bank URL www.axisbank.com in the address bar of your browser.

- Inform the bank immediately on any suspicious deposits or withdrawals.

- Secure your wireless internet connection.

- Change your password regularly.


- Do not disclose your password to anyone.

- Do not click on any link in an email which purportedly takes you to the bank site to enter your login ID and password. Bank will never ask you for access details for security reasons.

- Do not get enticed by emails offering work from home jobs. You may end up getting involved in illegal activity.

- Do not be mislead by emails offering you large sums of money/ lottery offers.

- It is not safe to access your online banking account in Cyber cafes.

- Do not write your user id and password on paper and throw away inadvertently.

- The bank will NEVER ask you for your password for any reason.

- Please do confirm with the bank before replying to any mail supposedly sent from the bank.

- In case of any doubt or suspicion please send a mail to ibrm@axisbank.com or contact your nearest Axis Bank branch.

Strong password tips

- Should contain alphabets, numbers and special characters such as @, #, $, & etc.

- Should not be a part of your login name.

- Should not contain alphabets or numbers in a sequence.

These guidelines have been developed by cyber crime police station Bangalore.

We seek your cooperation by forwarding any suspicious email/query/doubt to ibrm@axisbank.com or contact your nearest Axis Bank branch.

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HDFC is reducing interest rate for its old customer

HDFC is reprocessing old customers interest rate to PLR-3.75% if the customer is willing to pay 0.5% of the outstanding loan amount as processing fee. They are not advertisesing this in medias. Contact your nearest branch to know more details.

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