Reliance money doubles limit card charges

The revised Tariff Structure would be applicable with effect from January 1, 2009.

Revised Tariff structure:

Promotional Scheme (PR-500) Value of Rs.500 ( No Change) - Allows a cumulative turnover limit of Rs.2 Lakhs, in non delivery trading and delivery trading and time span of 12 months, whichever is exhausted earlier.

Limit Card Value of Rs.1000 (Bi-monthly Rs.1000)- Allows a total turnover of Rs.1 crore and time span of 2 months, whichever is exhausted earlier. Utilisation of the turnover limit of Rs.1 crore may be in non delivery trading of Rs.1 crore, or Rs.10 lacs in delivery and Rs.90 lacs in non delivery trading.

Limit Card Value of Rs.2500 (Half Yearly Rs. 2500)- Allows a total turnover of Rs.3 crores and time span of 6 months, whichever is exhausted earlier. Utilisation of the turnover limit of Rs.3 crores may be in non delivery trading of Rs.3 crores, or Rs.30 lacs in delivery and Rs.2.70 crores in non delivery trading.

Limit Card Value of Rs.5000 ( Annual Rs. 5000)- Allows a total turnover of Rs.7 crores and time span of 12 months, whichever is exhausted earlier. Utilisation of the turnover limit of Rs.7 crores may be in non delivery trading of Rs.7 crores, or Rs.70 lacs in delivery and Rs.6.30 crores in non delivery trading.

Limit Card Value of Rs.10000 ( Annual Rs. 10000)- Allows a total turnover of Rs.20 crore and time span of 12 months, whichever is exhausted earlier. Utilisation of the turnover limit of Rs.20 crores may be in non delivery trading of Rs.20 crores, or Rs.2 crores in delivery and Rs.18 crores in non delivery trading.

Nation salutes martyrs

LONDON - APRIL 21:  A muzzle flash erupts as a...Image by Getty Images via Daylife

I salute the brave Indian soldiers and Police Men who sacrificed their lives to protect ours. My deepest condolences to the bereaved families. At this juncture, I don't think all the truths about this attack came out. We may not have any opportunity to know the complete truth in future also. Hence it is not right time to blame anybody . Exemplary punishment should be handed out to the real perpetrators . It is the real homage to our Great Heroes.

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Planning to have a Child : Visit

There are only few sites which have complete information on any one subject. When I visited, I was really surprised with the depth and width of the articles and tools available on Parenting. Some of the available channels are as follows
Sex Education, Fertility issues, preconception, pregnancy, newborn care, baby diet, child health care and Indian baby names, due date calculator and baby weight guide. It has advanced articles on all topics related to Parenting.
Great site! Worth the time spent on the site.

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Moving Home? Just visit here!

There's no doubt that moving home can be a very stressful experience. UK residents can check this site that would help you to turn this experience very smooth.

This site has information on things you need to do when you move home so that you won't have to. It guide you through every step of the move process with help and advice, lists of suppliers and easy online quotes.

Others can also try their unique move planner.

Atlast ICICI Bank lanches Virtual Credit Card

Atlast, ICICI Bank have launched Virtual Credit Card (VCC) that is "online Only Card". In fact it is a card less "credit card service. VCC is an add-on Visa credit card issued on the primary ICICI Bank credit card. The virtual credit card enables you to transact online with a credit limit of your choice.The key details of your VCC like the card number, expiry date, etc. are visible online. You can use these details to transact online and never be worried about losing your card or having to carry it ‘safely’ in your wallet.The initial credit limit of your virtual credit card will be Re.1/-. You can change the maximum limit on your VCC within the overall limit of your primary card.
Major disadvantage is that you can have only one VCC at a time where as HDFC Bank allows you to have as many VCC cards as you need and like. HDFC Bank VCC has a life of only 48 hours which adds more security. HDFC Bank allows you to create VCC even from visa debit card but ICICI Banks allows this facility only to their visa credit card holders.
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Buy NTPC, Indraprastha Gas Says Businessline

This week The Hindu Business Line recommends buying of NTPC, Indraprastha Gas. I strongly believe that when the market conditions improve, these two stocks would fetch us good returns. To read the full story, Please Click here on NTPC, Indraprastha Gas

Reliance Money enters online retail business

Reliance Money would make available a wide variety of products for e-shopping, ranging from financial products like IPOs, mutual funds, insurance policies and gold coins to items like apparel, accessories, books, magazines, CDs, DVDs, home appliances and even flowers.

Announcing the launch, Reliance Money CEO Sudip Bandyopadhyay told PTI over the phone from Mumbai that the e-commerce web portal-- RelianceMoneyMall.Com-- would be like a big shopping mall in electronic format where consumers would be able to buy whatever that can be sold online.

Reliance Money E Shopping site can be accessed here.

Autoways helps to buy and sell used cars in Mumbai

A new website helps you to buy and sell used cars in Mumbai. For free registration, please click here.

Small Brokerages are decreasing salary

We all know that Real Estate and Retail Brokerage houses are hit hard by the present market conditions. See one the small brokerage houses ITIFSL intimated it's staffs about salary cut. It is the start of the fall of small financial companies.

Buy L&T and India Bulls Real estates says India Infoline

India Infoline after a long gap come out with some Buy recommendations. On technical  basis it recommends buying of L&T and India Bulls Real estates. For full report please click here.

Thought and analysis tends to lead to improved investment returns!

This is a Guest Post written by Mr. Anup who is the head of www, This is extracted from a mail written to all his associates.

The focus of this post is to clarify and restore faith and confidence in investing in Equities and Equity Mutual Funds. What we are witnessing now is not new - it has happened in the past. Reasons are always different but one thing does not change - Boom is followed by bust - this may be new for some investors and distributors but its not new for us.  Best that we leave the market collapse behind us and take a fresh look here and now. That is why BACK TO BASICS.

The next few months will offer great buying opportunities for those with liquidity and more importantly, the courage of conviction that this financial crisis will subside by the end of 2009 and pave the way for a sustainable market rally in 2010 and beyond. The best time to buy in our opinion as over the next 6 months as markets grinds lower and gloomy headlines contributes to heightened pessimism.

Eventually, the crises will be sorted out and optimism will return. However, investor who buy over the next few months will have to maintain a medium to long term investment horizon (12-18 months at least) in order to benefit from the uptrend in the stock market.

Our TOP Picks is

  • DSP TOP 100 Fund
  • HSBC Equity Fund
  • HDFC TOP 200 Fund


• As time horizon of investment increases

– Instances of (-) returns disappear

– Range of returns from low to high falls; volatility reduces

• Returns start to move into a consistently narrowing; nearly predictable range

– Out-performance over the index steadily increases

– With very long term horizons, low, average and high tend towards convergence

– The bias with equity investing is towards positive returns rather than negative returns

• Logical conclusion because as time passes, the economy and units within it tend to grow

– Active management works!!!

• The convergence comes faster with Power as compared to Index

• With passage of time, the margin of out-performance steadily Increases

Investment objectives and why one invests

• We invest to meet financial goals – buying a house, educating children, retirement etc.

– After your child is born she can not reach the critical phase of education in less than 10 to 15 years

– After you start earning you do not buy your own house on Day 1 (unless you borrow every single rupee!!!)

– Once you start your career you do not retire until 25 to 30 years

– So why expect your investments to meet these objectives in shorter time

– We know not all investments can be made for 10,20,30 years

• For shorter term investments one needs to be ready to face periods of (-) return

• Not all is bad with shorter term investment horizons - in fact history shows that sometimes shorter term horizons can deliver disproportionately high returns



– Equity investing – START EARLY, STAY PUT

The market will do its job… Lets do ours…

For more details, please go through the attached file. If you need any more information or any assistance then please let me know.

Warm Regards,

Anup Bhaiya

Cell: 098204 52811


Fidelity launches innovative volatility tool

Fidelity today launched an innovative volatility tool designed to help advisers and investors put the current market uncertainty in the context of a longer term perspective. This tool can be accessed here.

Report Junction - Online Annual Reports

Reports Junction, a online product developed by Religare Technova . Here, You can find the desired annual/quarterly reports from a database of over 60,000 documents (inclusive of IPO documents) of more than 4500 companies (both listed and un-listed) since 1995. This service is steeply priced at Rs.4999/- per annum and the user can download any 500 Documents. Reports contain balance sheets, profit & loss statements, cash flow statements, segment wise details and other financial highlights. Latest Reports are constantly added and can be downloaded in pdf format. All available reports give a crystal clear picture of company information, performance and the financial trend through high tech graphs to provide best cushion for further analysis. You can register for a one week free trial, For FAQ on this service please click here.

No credit cards for staff of airline, finance & realty cos

Quiet Girl with a Credit Card album coverImage via Wikipedia
The Economic Times recently published a news item stating that the credit card issuing banks are rejecting applications from the persons employed in the airline, finance & realty sectors.Until recently, the negative list of banks tended to feature reporters, lawyers, chartered accountants and junior level police and armed forces personnel. Within a very short span of time see how things are changed. It is the practice of Creditcard companies giving cards to people who really no need of any credit.
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RNRL turned Positive

Technical Charts indicate positive move for  RNRL. Others made positive move are Apollo Tyres Ltd, Moser Baer India Ltd and NTPC Ltd.,Trade in small quantities.


Overseas markets indicate a huge downturn for the market. We can buy TTML in dips. It is based on the following news. I hope it will move past Rs.28 in 6 months.
Tata Teleservices (TTSL), a Tata group company in telecom business and Japan based NTT Docomo (Docomo), announced their agreement on a strategic alliance in India. As per the agreement Docomo will acquire 26% of TTSL`s stock for approximately Rs 130.70 billion.

The Docomo as per regulations of the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI), will make an open offer to acquire up to 20% of outstanding equity shares of Tata Teleservices Maharashtra (TTML), and this will be via joint Tender offer with TataHolding company Tata Sons.

Market may be range bound

Today market may be range bound. Buy previously mentioned stocks in my virtual portfolio. Buy in small quantities during down turn. You will be rewarded. Don't panic. Don't over leverage.

FMP exit to be made tougher

Ending widespread speculation, the Securities and Exchange Board of India (Sebi) today confirmed that it will make early withdrawals from Fixed Maturity Plans (FMPs) tougher, a move that is expected to solve mutual funds’ liquidity problems. At present, investors can exit FMPs by paying 2 per cent of the net asset value (NAV) at any point of time. Sebi sources confirmed that new FMP schemes will have clauses that make withdrawals before maturity difficult.

Sebi had sought FMP data from fund houses last month on their investment and redemption patterns. There are also expectations that the market regulator would limit exposure to a single sector. Earlier, there was news that some funds were forced to roll over their schemes because some companies, especially in the realty and non-banking financial companies (NBFCs), had defaulted on their commitments.

Investors said such a move could make FMPs unattractive because it will make them less liquid. In the past three years, FMPs were doing fairly well because the interest rate was on the rise. Some schemes were even offering up to 12 per cent last month.

ICICI Bank Credit Card Visa Bill Pay Service is no longer a FREE Service

The ICICI Bank VISA Credit Card Bill Pay Service is no longer free. You need to shell out a minimum Rs.100 and a maximum of Rs.200 for this service. However, ICICI Bank saving A/c holders can pay their bills through internet free.

Bill Pay Service Plans

  • Classic Plan: For customers who have registered One Bill on the service. A nominal fee of Rs. 100 per annum applies. Service Tax extra.
  • Gold Plan: For customers with two or more bills registered on the service. A nominal fee of Rs. 175/- per annum applies. Service Tax extra.
    You could add all your utility bills under this service (landline, electricity, mobile, insurance etc) and benefit from the Gold plan.
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Today I have purchased KSOil and GVK Power and Infrastructure Ltd for the virtual portfolio. See the latest value.

Stocks that worth looking for

You can invest in GVK Power and Infrastructure Ltd, Punj Lloyd Ltd, GMR Infrastructure Ltd and TTML. These stocks can return more than 10% with in a very short period. ( 5days to 20days).

Yahoo introduces ids

Yahoo India automatically converts your already existing email id to Already all gmail users having two ids as and Now Yahoo India did the same. You can also register a new id at Yahoo India

Online Trading - Be Wise - Article from Outlook Money

When Amit Bhargava, a Delhi-based photographer, decided to place a day trading order on the shares of Neyveli Lignite on Friday, 4 January, he says he had no idea that it would spiral into a heart-stopping thriller that would end with him losing Rs 1 lakh. He bought various lots of the stock through the morning, and had set himself a stop loss of Rs 268.50. The ticker on his online portal, Reliance Money, showed the price was Rs 272, he claims. Based on this, Bhargava bought even more shares. By evening, close to end of trading, when he sought to sell his shares, he saw that the price had fallen sharply to Rs 262.90, and the portal, he says, was showing a wrong figure on the ticker. Bhargava sold what he could, and converted the rest to delivery. “I booked losses of Rs 1 lakh that day,” he says. He spent an anxious weekend and alleges that when he tried to get a grip on how many shares he had on Monday, he found that every document sent by Reliance Money had a different figure—the number on the cash ledger balance did not match the number on the contract note and so on.

She works for an e-learning firm in Delhi, but could not participate in the Reliance Power IPO because Reliance Money bungled in opening up her accounts.

“If I had known that the prices were falling earlier, I would have sold a lot more than I did. Eventually, I had 21,200 shares of Neyveli Lignite,” he said. Then started the litany of phone calls and emails to Reliance Money. “At one point, the head of customer care told me not to worry, as I could write off my loss when the stock price of Neyveli Lignite rose,” Bhargava says. He has now written to Sebi (Securities and Exchange Board of India), demanding that Reliance Money make good his loss.
Sudip Bandyopadhyay, director and CEO, Reliance Money, says that it is not true that tickers on its portal are not updated. He says, “Being a registered broker with BSE (Bombay Stock Exchange) and NSE (National Stock Exchange), Reliance Securities is directly connected to both and the price feeds are made available to us by the exchanges. However, clients across the country do face connectivity issues at times due to their poor Internet connection/bandwidth. This is particularly true for remote areas and clients connecting through BSNL and MTNL.”

While Sebi and NSE, the exchange through which Bhargava’s orders were executed, ponder over this case, the fact remains that online trading, while being an extremely convenient way of buying and selling shares, mutual funds and other products, is fraught with several risks. With the recent slump in the stockmarket, brokers have started looking at aggressive strategies to increase the number of customers and to induce them to trade more. These sops range from ‘zero account opening costs’ to ‘lowered brokerages’.

Do not go by broking costs alone while selecting your online broker. For one, the advertised brokerage will probably be applicable only to people executing a substantial number of transactions in a month. Second, offering lower costs could also mean losses of large amounts in other ways as the broker may have cut corners while creating the trading infrastructure to keep costs down.

A senior financial analyst in Bangalore, says that his broker, HDFC Securities, effects share transactions at prices that are even 8 per cent higher than the price at which he puts a buy order.

Raghavendra Desai works as a senior financial analyst in Bangalore. He has been a customer of HDFC Securities for five years now. “I have routinely faced problems with price fluctuations,” he says. “The price at which shares are acquired should not fluctuate more than 5 per cent (from the time) when I put in a market buy order. But, often, I have noticed that the transaction is effected at prices that are even 8 per cent higher.” He also says that the portal often executes orders in small lots. “If I place an order for 300 shares, I sometimes get only 30. Then I am stuck holding these as orders less than Rs 1,000 are not executed. If you call the customer support centre, you will only hear the standard response of ‘we are looking into this matter’,” he says.

A Delhi-based photographer, he lost Rs 1 lakh while trading in Neyveli Lignite shares because the ticker on the Reliance Money portal did not show the correct share price.

While choosing your broker, ask around for the one with the best customer support. Problems are inevitable and a responsive customer care makes all the difference. Also, shortlist two or three brokers before finalising your choice. This is especially crucial if you need to have your account opened in a hurry.

Divya Agarwal, who works for an e-learning firm in Delhi, wanted to open a trading and demat account to apply for the Reliance Power IPO. She, and her husband Rohit, an army officer, zeroed in on Reliance Money as a broker and called them with a request to open an account. On 15 December 2007, the company sent an executive, the forms were filled and the signatures placed. Says Divya, “Then the guy vanished. The last date for the IPO was 18 January 2008, and even though we began the process of opening an account more than a month earlier, we had neither a username nor a password at the time of the IPO and could not participate in it.” The company, in fact, even sent her two different kits with different usernames, and then asked her to ignore one of them.

“After all this was over, they realised that the bank account was not linked to the demat account,” she says. “We had to go to their office and fill yet another form. They promised that everything would be done in three working days, but nothing happened. When we enquired again, they had lost a form and claimed that we had not filled it. Fortunately, my husband had the stamped counterfoil of the form and he had to go to their office and threaten that he would not leave until the issue was sorted out.” She feels that the site is rather confusing and says mutual fund NAVs are sometimes wrongly presented.

None of these are isolated events, nor are they specific to only a few brokers. Check out the interface of the portal, most online brokers will have screen shots of their portal on their websites. Ask the broker to send a sales executive who will demonstrate how the system works. Some brokerages have an online screen, others have applications that you can download onto your computer.

The big risk in online trading is that of technology. If you want to quickly sell a share because the prices are going down and the site is ‘temporarily unavailable’ or hangs or refuses to let you log in or execute a transaction, which could be because of a variety of reasons, you will end up with unnecessary losses. Ensure that the broker has a back-up option where you can call the customer support centre and execute the transaction over the telephone.

Always keep an eye on your demat account. Take screen shots or write down the details of your portfolio, especially on days that the stockmarket has seen volatile trade and at the end of the month. Some brokers place your shares in the pool account and trade in them to cover their proprietary positions. Examine the contract note carefully. Never assume that their calculations of brokerages and taxes are right, recheck them yourself. While executing buy and sell orders, open the NSE and BSE websites to cross-check the latest stock prices, don’t go only by the ticker on your portal.

The agreement that you sign with the broker when you open the account is long and tedious. It is also heavily loaded in favour of the broker. Unfortunately, some of the terms and conditions are mandatory, so you can’t escape agreeing to them if you want to enjoy the convenience of online trading.

Legal action can be taken under Section 79 of the IT Act in case of a dispute with a broker, but compensation for the loss of money or the mental stress undergone is unlikely. Online trading is not for the faint-hearted. Tread carefully.
Thanks to : Outlook Money  
Always maintain a trading diary. If any problem arises, always make a written complaint.

Buy in small lots

Buy Indian Bank, KS oils, GMR Infra in small lots. These picks are both for long and short term. Put stoploss below last week's low.

Buy KSOil

Today market will be range bound with slight negative bias. Buy KSOIL on decline for a decent return. Don't over trade. Take cues from the well informed PM. He is not at all optimistic. More inevitable pains are anticipated. Don't leverage.


I am starting a portfolio with intial cash value of Rs.10lakhs. We can review the performance of the portfolio as and when needed. Today I have invested Rs.49,759 in different stocks and keep the remaining amount as cash.

India Infoline weekly wrap

This week India Infoline gives the details of their model Portfolio. For full report, Please click here.

Are Bulls Back?

An example of street markets accepting credit ...Image via Wikipedia
Did you listen star anchors of different business shows for the past 15 days? All were unanimous in their views about impending world slow down and their view on sensex that would go down all the way to 4000 before we can expect any recovery. Suddenly they all are changing their colour. Now they are talking about over bear reaction and attractiveness of our market. Though I didn’t differ much about the attractiveness and present valuations of Indian Stocks of select sectors, I didn’t believe complete decoupling of Indian Economy from World economy. US economic problems are ever increasing. It is the first time in World history, most of the informed economists are suspecting the ability of a super power Govt. to save it’s economy from tumbling. This crisis of confidence would do much harm to the economy than the actual problem. Indian market is longing to go down rather than go up. When a new set of bad news comes out from global markets (like credit card default – Imagine a bankruptcy news of either VISA or MASTERCARD ) we may expect even further accelerated crash. ( I don’t expect the actual bankruptcy of either VISA or MASTERCARD, but any rumors about their financial health would collapse world trade for a considerable period) .

Hence my argument is that don’t put all your money know. Commit only 10 – 15 % of your capital know. Invest only in top three to four stocks in each sector. Don’t invest(?!) in penny stocks. Do your own research and invest. SIP would work well in this falling market.

My stock picks for this month are : RCOM, Axis Bank, Punj Lylod, Cairn Energy, Reliance Capital, SUN TV, Gujarat NRE, 3i infotech, Polaris, JP Hydro. Place stop loss.

Don’t invest or trade in UNITECH. Cash is the king.

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