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Google is helping us in many ways. I fear that I have addicted to Google products. Please read this blog about  Google's role in Mr. David's marriage planning.

Market may crash

Yesterday I wrote that "I believe these gains would not be held in July. So please do not make any medium term purchases today". Today all international markets are down. Nifty expected to tank atleast 3 per cent. If Reliance goes down substantially then the downside risk is still higher.
Traders can sell near term calls or buy puts. Don't go long in cash

Rumor Received

Today market is full of rumors. The subject ranges from PM's resignation to Ambani brothers new war. To quote a sample following is the IM received from my friend working at a local brokerage.
armaan sharma: ALERT on’t buy any stock………sell sell sell sell……..ICICI BANK @ 683 too….110% will crash to kiss 650--------640 in hrs…major selloff on card…delivery selling on card from HSBC on card………..yes major negative news on card…..why Mr.KAMAT in newyork ????????Pls sell…..will crash to kiss 550 next week !!Sell all bank stock……………………………..sell sell sell !!
Be Careful.

Religare Changes Option Brokerage

Religare actually charged it's customers @2.4% of option premium, which I think the highest in India. Now it has sent an email indicating that brokerage structure for trading in options segment has been revised and new simplified slabs would be applicable with effect from 30th June, 2008. As STT computation methodology already changed, it would help religare customers to trade morein Options.

Today is the not the Day

Market may have gained some points yesterday. My advice is that you should not try to buy today as the political cues and F&O closings would make the market more volatile. I don't think we are at or near the bottom. I believe these gains would not be held in July. So please do not make any medium term purchases today.
Left parties of India actually more concerned about the welfare of China than India. To sustain high growth rate, we need to improve our infrastructural facilities. Power is one among them. Even though nuclear power is costly, it is the only way to generate through out the year with out any traditional inputs like coke (limited resource) and hydro power ( availability is seasonal). Lefts should not drag the matter any further. They should either support Govt.'s initiative else withdraw support to the Govt.It would really help the economy and the Country. Please don't try the back seat driving. Let them remember that it is Manmohan's Govt. Till the uncertanity is over, the market will not stabilize.

Online Tax Return Submission Facility for Religare Customers

Religare and Taxsmile offers the facility to e-file Religare customer's tax returns. For more information click here.

ICICI Bank launches 'Platinum Identity' Credit Card

ICICI Bank, announced the launch of the ICICI Bank ‘Platinum Identity’ Credit Card.

The Platinum Identity Credit Card offers the following features:

- Welcome privileges - Golf Fee Card with two year membership and Priority Pass
- Accelerated rewards earn – double reward points on international spends, fast-forward earning through the powerful Xpress Rewards program
- Exclusive rewards redemption catalogue ‘Hand-picked Rewards’ featuring premium brands
- Superior air mile conversion program – Convert your reward points into air miles
- Comprehensive air accident insurance of Rs. 1 crore
- Complete waiver of fuel surcharge
- ‘Specials’ -Exclusive offers in lifestyle categories
-‘i-Assist’ - A round-the-clock, complimentary service that provides assistance with Travel and restaurant reservations, gift arrangements, event tickets, and more.

Buy Shirpur Gold Refinery Ltd - Upside Breakout - Target Rs.95

Even in this uncertain times, Shirpur Gold Refinery Ltd exhibited Upside Breakout in the charts. You can buy in small lots for a target of Rs.95. Torrent Pharmaceuticals Ltd also turning up.

Market at Desktop

ICICIDIRECT introduces Market @ Desktop facility which gives price and fundamental information on highly traded Indian stocks in a single screen. Very useful for investors.

Ebay.in offers 10% cash back for ICICI Bank Internet Banking Customers

eBay.in presents a 10% Cash Back offer exclusively for ICICI Bank Internet Banking Customers. Buy any item on www.ebay.in using ICICI Bank Internet Banking and get 10% of amount credited back in your account.

Cash back under the Program shall be available to the Customer
purchasing goods on the Web site and making payment for the same
through ICICI Bank Internet Banking during the Program Period.

This offer ends on 19.07.2008.
For detailed terms and conditions visit here.
For original offer click here

Credit Card Security Code

Credit Card Security Code is a feature to increase the protection against credit card fraud. Typically in the internet transactions you will be asked to type card No., Cardholder's name, expiry date and CVV2. In India, if you make any merchant transactions ( physically presenting card), most of the transaction confirmation receipt contain all the above information except CVV2.

CVV2 number (last 3 digits as shown in the picture) is located in the signature strip. In the pretext of verifying your signature, the billing staff can note your CVV2 No. and can use it on internet.( All other needed information can be noted from transaction slip at his disposal). So you memorize the number and place a black sticker on the last 3 digits as indicated below.

This would you protect you from credit card frauds.

Scribe Fire - Mozilla Extension for Blogging

ScribeFire is an extension for the Mozilla Firefox Web Browser
that integrates with your browser to let you easily post to your blog: you can drag and drop formatted
text from pages you are browsing, take notes, and post to your blog.

ScribeFire currently supports the following services:

In addition to the hosted services mentioned above, ScribeFire also
supports custom blogging platforms which are usually blogging software
hosted on your own server.

The currently supported blogging platforms are:

As mentioned above, any blogging software or blogging platform that
implements the MetaWeblog API is implicitly supported by ScribeFire.

It is a boon to bloggers. Easy set up. Support to Mozilla Firefox3. Flickr support. More ...

Stay Cool and Stay away from the Market

Asian markets are down today and owing to Indian Political uncertainties the market all poised to go down. But savvy market operators may try to squeeze the short sellers ( only positive thing in sight) which would push the Index up albeit for short term. Hence the volatility here to stay.
Investors are advised to stay away from the market and Trader can play with stop loss as the market would swing either way.

Shorts are increasing in July Series

Data indicates gradual shorts building Up in July Series. Markets are expected to be very volatile in the coming week. Don't short in current series as pull back rally is expected at any time.

Another online Tax Return Preparation Company

I already mentioned about Tax Smile for a comprehensive service on online income tax return preparation and filing. Another company called Tax Spanner also engaged in the same business. It is less costlier than Tax Smile but their services are limited. Only online filing is supported currently. Please visit FAQ & services not included page before registering with tax spanners.

Kindly note that INVESTCHIPS or me are not paid any money for writing about different financial services. I am also not a member of any Referral program except Google's ADSENSE.

Trueswitch helps to switch your internet email account to Yahoo

If you are fed up with Gmail, Hotmail and AOL mail and wanted to switch to Yahoo, Yahoo now gives two more domains to register. True Switch helps the migration painless and smooth. It imports all the messages and contacts to your new yahoo A/c. It also informs your new email address to all your contacts (optional). It is free for Yahoo customers. Then Why are you waiting.


Following are the calls received from ITIFL . Check yourselves.

SELL jpasoo below 170 will do 164 sure call sl 173 dnt miss it
 Buy Shree Renuka Sugars Ltd at cmp SL 106.45..in Futures Accordingly

Stay away from market

Because of the political uncertainty and the inflation data release, Today's market would be very volatile with downward bias. Though international markets are giving mixed cues, local factors pointing south.
As risk and volatility rise, investors should stay away from the market.

Yahoo Mail Started to Give Free Email @ Two more Domains

If you are a avid Yahoo mail user, But not satisfied with your present Yahoo mail address, this information is for you. Yahoo started to give email ID's in the following two domains namely ymail.com or rocketmail.com .
You will get your id as username@ymail.com or username@rocketmail.com . You can avail all the services of present Yahoo mail .
Click ymail.com or rocketmail.com, then to New registration , then choose your preferred domain.

ICICI Lombard Motor Insurance gives you 4 ' CARing' tips for the Monsoon driving

ICICI Lombard Motor Insurance gives you 4 ' CARing' tips for the Monsoon driving

Car Care

Remember to check battery, electrical wiring, headlights , tyres, engine, wipers and the underbody anti- rust coating on a regular basis. Tyre pressure, tread depth and spare wheel should also be checked. Replace cloth floor mats with plastic/ rubber mats as it avoids dampness and bad odour.

Driving Care

Avoid driving when it is pouring heavily . But if urgent, drive using first gear only and avoid using full accelerator. Lower your window panes while driving through water logged areas. If the car stalls in between, do not try to push start or crank start. It is advisable to get technical help and towing the vehicle to the nearest authorized garage. Avoid parking the vehicle near a newly built compound wall or under big trees, as storms or heavy thundershowers may collapse them.

Personal Care

A well equipped first aid kit with bandage, pain relief spray, antiseptic cream, anti-allergics such as Avil and Aspirin should be kept handy, also carry umbrella / raincoats. People with serious illness should carry their prescribed medicines while traveling.

Emergency Care

In case you are stuck, park your car and look for the nearest garage. Be prepared to carry a list of the name of garages. It is also advisable that you create the ICE (In Case Emergency) number in your cell phone so that incase of an eventuality near ones can be informed. Also store emergency numbers of hospitals, police stations, fire stations etc.

Watch Aarthi Industries and Ispat Industries

Aarthi Industries Ltd and Ispat Industries Ltd gave technical Buy Signal. Yesterday's Pick Torrent Pharma also still in Buy Mode. But overall market expected to be Choppy with negative bias.

Online Tax Return Submission

Now we can pay tax online if you are having net banking customer of the following banks.

  1. Axis Bank
  2. State Bank of India
  3. Punjab National Bank
  4. Indian Overseas Bank
  5. Canara Bank
  6. Indian Bank
  7. Bank of India
  8. Corporation Bank
  9. State Bank of Bikaner & Jaipur
  10. State Bank of Travancore
  11. State Bank of Indore
  12. Vijaya Bank
  13. HDFC Bank
  14. Oriental Bank of Commerce
  15. State Bank of Patiala
  16. Bank of Baroda
  17. IDBI Bank
  18. State Bank of Mysore
  19. Bank of Maharashtra
  20. State Bank of Hyderabad
  21. State Bank of Saurashtra
  22. Union Bank of India
  23. Allahabad Bank
  24. Dena Bank
  25. Syndicate Bank
  26. ICICI Bank
  27. United Bank of India
  28. UCO Bank
  29. Central Bank of India
How do I make online tax payment sitting at home/office?

1. Open a net-banking account with any of the banks listed above.
2. Go to website www.incometaxindia.gov.in , click on ‘pay taxes on-line’.
3. Fill in the required challan online. Help is available on screen as FAQ, downloads etc.
4. Make tax payment through net-banking account online.
5. A challan counterfoil will be available instantaneously on the screen with CIN (challan identification number). The Challan Identification Number (CIN) on this counterfoil should be quoted in Return of Income.
6. Print the counterfoil and also save it in the computer if required.
7. Check if your payment has reached the Income Tax Department at
https://tin.tin.nsdl.com/oltas/servlet/QueryTaxpayer .

You can also submit your tax Returns online for a nominal fee @ http://www.taxsmile.com/ which is a ICICI Bank promoted 3i Infotech's initiative. You can also get digital signature from them.

Clean Up Duplicates in your Yahoo Address Book

Yahoo mail Beta introduced a cool feature to remove duplicate entries and merge similar entries in your address book. This is a Great feature which is not available in Gmail. Visit http://address.mail.yahoo.com/?A=o to remove your duplicate entries in your address book.
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Download Mozilla Firefox 3

World's best open source web browser is getting better now. Mozilla Firefox version3 is about to be released today. Download it to help the Mozilla to create a new world record.

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Torrent Pharma Turns Bullish

Today the price of Torrent Pharma move past 21day,50day and 200day moving averages and Look for trading opportunities as the whole pharma pack is turning hot. As long as the overall market stays in the positive zone, we can mint money.
Update: Assam Company is turning weak & forms hanging man and the price moves below 21day moving average.

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Is it right time to invest in pharma sectoral Mutual Funds ?

Of late Pharma sector is buzzing and all self certified analysts saying that this sector is recession proof.

Every time there is excessive optimism surrounding a sector in general or a stock, it is always difficult to get through to investors. So overtaken are investors with the lure of making easy money that they refuse to be rational. Common investors continue to remain invested till all the hype surrounding the sector/stock has peaked and subsequently waned. In the process, we, the investor, probably make a return that does not compensate for the commensurate risk.

If you invest through Mutual Funds, then the risk should be substantially lower than direct exposure and returns should be consistently reasonable for atleast 5 years. None of the sectoral scored in this count. Previously hype around IT sector and Infrastructure. They didn't perform well. You are well off in investing in the diversified mutual funds (esp. through SIP). Because the fund mangers is under no compulsion to hold a sector which has no value. But a sectoral Mutual fund manger could not park the money outside the sector.
Don't carried away by hype. History repeats. If you still wanted to invest then make sure that your exposure to any sector didn't exceed 10 percent of your portfolio.

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Praj Industries Looking Good

Though this not a good time to invest for long term, Praj Industries is looking good for both short and long term. Yesterday it's price moves past of both 21 & 200 days simple moving Average.
A penny stock looking good at charts is Arvind Remedies Ltd. But is a very very risky pick as volume started to decline.
Trade in Ranbaxy and RCOM as both are expected to volatile.
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In process - Dreaded Word in online trading

If you are a online customer of any of the newly started online trading sites, then you would have experienced the "in process" order problem. When you place any buy or sell order or modifying orders already placed, your brokers status window show as the order status as "in process" for several hours. You can't modify or delete the 'in process' order. Last year I encountered this problem @ Religare, I altogether stopped trading there.
But today I had this problem @ Reliance Money. (It is the first time). I am using Reliance Money Insta Trade which is the fastest platform available with them. Today I bought Nifty4500 Puts. I placed square off limit order @ Rs.69.50 around 11am. As market is gaining ,my put starts losing it's value. I tried to modify that order. Modify order page was not loading. Then I tried to delete my order. The oder status turned to "in process" . My un booked loss started to mount. Out of frustration I shutdown the computer and went out. ( You may ask me why  didn't you contact the customer care? If you contact them by email, their customer care official contact you only after 15days, by the time you would forgot the original problem). Reliance money should improve reliability of their system and customer care.
Happy end to the story. The order didn't got deleted and executed @69.50 in the afternoon and gave me around 15% return intra day. But this would not justify Reliance Money's erratic trading platform. ( some times it may be due to problem at NSE). Reliance money should learn about customer service from India Infoline.

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Best Time to Place Order

You can't make any steadfast rule for the time of placing orders. But generally the best time to place a sell order is before 10.30am when all the Day traders are placing their orders. In India people afraid to go short. Hence on an average buy orders over weigh sell orders. For buying for delivery the best time is between 11.30am to 1.30pm and 2.50 pm to 3.15 pm.

Buy 3i Infotech and Assam Company


ASSAM  This week the market is expected to be volatile as usual. Oil price, company numbers, inflation rate and RBI's reaction to current economic situations are the key factors to watch with.

I recommend buying of 3i info and assam company for quick returns. Both are fundamentally and technically strong.

Changing Feed url

Yesterday I authorised Feed Burner to handle Invest Chips feed management. The new feed url is http://feeds.feedburner.com/InvestChips . If you have any problem in accessing investchips in your reader, Please re subscribe with this new feed url .

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Reliance Comm-MTN merger talks could be in trouble

Reliance Communications’ (RCom) merger talks with South African major MTN could be in trouble reports the Businessline. The rivalry between the two Ambani brothers have come to the fore yet again, with Mr Mukesh Ambani’s Reliance Industries Ltd claiming first right to the younger Ambani’s stake in Reliance Communications in the event of an equity swap with MTN.

Reacting to RIL’s claims, Reliance Communications in a statement said, “Last night, in a mala fide effort to disrupt the talks, Reliance Industries Ltd (RIL), part of the Mukesh Ambani group, has sent a communication to MTN Group, making a false claim of an alleged right of first refusal to buy the controlling stake in Reliance Communications Ltd (RCom). RIL’s claim is legally and factually untenable, baseless, and misconceived.”According to sources close to the Ambani family, the two sides had agreed that the other brother would have the first right of refusal in case of a large stake sale in any of the businesses owned by either of the brothers.

Dismissing RIL’s claims, the Anil Ambani camp said, “RIL has based its claim on an agreement of January 12, 2006, which was unilaterally signed only by RIL’s officials, when RCom was under RIL’s control, under a procedure which the Bombay High Court, vide its judgement dated October 15, 2006, has held to be “unfair and unjust”. RIL’s claim is born out of mounting despair and frustration at Reliance ADA Group’s continuing successes, and the support it enjoys from over 10 million investors, the world’s largest shareholding family.”

“Reliance Communications dismisses RIL’s claim with the contempt it deserves,” the statement said. With RCom saying that talks with MTN were progressing well, this could snowball into yet another court room battle between the two feuding brothers.

Reliance move to scuttle RCOM- MTN should be condemned. It is a Great injustice to the shareholders of RCOM>

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Searching for a health insurance policy online

Below is a list of useful websites compiled Money Today :


The website, created by Suresh K. Sethi, CEO, RIA Insurance Brokers compares premiums offered by different companies for various age groups. The site has a lot of information on the subject and the way the industry, especially health insurance, works.


A venture of Bonsai Insurance Broking, the website, apart from allowing comparison of products, allows one to seek tailored products.


The website is the online venture of A&M insurance brokers, and they represent the 11 big health insurers and offer their products online. One can search for individual plans, family floaters and also critical illness through this site.


This web initiative of Peacock Financial Advisors, a Pune-based financial advisory, offers solutions across insurance products. One can search for quotes on health insurance through this site.


Promoted by Optima insurance brokers, the site offers comparison across insurance schemes and promises to get you the best rates. Though the site is still in its beta version, it has a wide network across the country.

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Insurance Planning

Insurance provides a cover against future uncertainties. Risk can be defined as a variation between the 'what is expected to happen' and 'what really happens'.

Some of the risks and insurance strategy to face that are as follows

Risks Insurance Strategy
Risk of Dying early Term assurance plan and whole life plan
Living TOO long Pension Plans
Risk of accidents accident coverage plan
Risk of damage to Properties Property or Home Insurance
Risk of Professional Liability Professional Liability Insurance

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Update on Ranbaxy - Pfizer interested?


CNBC TV18 reported that Pfizer is exploring the possibility of getting into the race. There is no confirmation from Pfizer, but we learn from our sources that Pfizer has sounded out its bankers to approach institutional shareholders. A possible bid for Ranbaxy at this stage may look difficult especially when the promoters who hold 34.8% have committed to sell their stake to Daiichi Sankyo.

Financial institutions hold 41.28% stake in the company, with insurance companies holding a total of 19.88% and foreign institutional investors (FIIs) with 17.95% stake. The public holding is 21.24%.

Life Insurance Corporation or LIC, the largest domestic shareholder is likely to play a key role as it holds 15.84% stake in the company. When contacted, LIC said at this point in time it has not been approached by any entity seeking support for either an open offer or a possible bid. Sources refused to divulge any more details and all they would say is that the global pharma major is exploring the possibility.

Thanks : Moneycontrol.com

Wish to buy Ranbaxy Labs - Read this

Japan’s second-largest pharmaceutical company Daiichi Sankyo will buy up to 51 per cent stake in Ranbaxy Laboratories at Rs 737 a share.The transaction is expected to be completed by the end of March 2009.

If you wish to buy Ranbaxy Now. Read this BusinessLine article before placing Buy order.

Low acceptance ratio, capital gains tax and likely dilution of equity veto buying

Best ELSS for Tax Savings

An ELSS ( Equity Linked Saving Scheme) is an equity fund that invests in equity and equity related securities and which Offers tax benefit - a deduction of upto Rs.1lakhs under section 80CCC and holds a lock-in period of 3 years.

Two best performers for present conditions are

  1. Sundaram BNP Paribas Taxsaver-G


2. SBI Magnum Tax Gain -G


I recommend both the schemes. Invest through SIP.

Convert your PowerPoint presentation into a Video

Social networking sites have become the part and parcel of youth's life. And Youtube probably ranks the highest among those. But people face technology handicaps to shoot and share a video. However, making a powerpoint presentation is quite easy. People can make a video out of their powerpoint presentation and can upload the same on youtube or ipod or put it in blog or on a website. These three steps guide will tell you how a presentation can be converted into a video without any hassles and free of cost. You can upload these PowerPoint video files to YouTube or transfer them to your iPod and watch them on the move. Or you can burn the video on to a DVD and watch the presentations on a large TV screen.

To get started, all you need is a copy of Microsoft PowerPoint (XP,2003,2007), the PPT file, microphone (if you want to record audio) and Internet access.

Step 1: Open your PPT presentation file inside PowerPoint and switch to Slide Show menu to setup the exact time duration for each slide. You have two choices here:

a) Use Record Narration if you want to include audio in your presentations. Record your voice as your move through the slides and say yes when you are prompted to save the changes.

b) Use Rehearse Timings for silent PowerPoint videos. This option lets you define how long a slide should display on the screen before the presentation move to the next slide.

Step 2: Now go to authorstream.com and upload the PPT file you saved in Step 1. AuthorStream is a PowerPoint hosting service where you can PPT files as large as 1 GB.

Step 3: When you are done uploading the PPT file to the web, Author Stream will convert the PowerPoint file into a MPEG4 video (mp4) that can be directly uploaded to YouTube or you can watch it on an iPod.

This process may take some time but you’ll get an email notification as soon as your PowerPoint video is ready for download from the web.

There is more - other than converting PPT to video, AuthorStream will also create a video podcast version of your presentation that can be directly imported into iTunes. This could a good opportunity for educators who have piles of PPT files on their computer that can be shared with the world.

It is all free. Visit http://www.authorstream.com/. For Help http://www.authorstream.com/help/Welcome .

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No more E-cards, Send Personalized Paper Greeting Cards now, Online!




Sending Greeting Cards has always been a favorite to express the feelings. Such is the popularity that today there is a card for every day and a day for every card! Initial days of Internet increased potential for e-cards, but with time, the lack of 'Touch and Feel' factor E-cards has started loosing popularity. The unwanted advertisement with E-card also added to this. People again started flocking to the neighboring card store for all their bonding needs. But the ease, Internet provides is unmatchable. To combine the convenience of Internet and the value of 'Touch and Feel' by recipient, an India start-up PCMBPLUS Technologies has introduced first of it's kind, Bond Building services through the launch of www.papam.in

PAPAM is dedicated to deliver Personalized Greeting Cards at the Doorsteps of the recipient.

A very simple concept of sending Greeting Cards to one's Friends and Family is presented with loads of value adds. Company has already some corporate clients registered with them.

Product and Service

"Your Relations are Unique. You define Them." - This is the philosophy behind www.papam.in, a company dedicated to capture the very basic emotional need of creating, connecting and cherishing the bonds with Friends and Family. Greeting Cards have always been favorite to fulfill this need. PAPAM has eased out the entire process by providing a virtual platform to Select and Send Greeting Cards from a unique and rich design gallery.

"We wanted to make the process of sending the greeting cards, seamless and hassle free. Maximum times either we forget the Birthday or Anniversary or just avoid the pain of the entire process of purchasing and posting the cards to our loved ones. So we designed this platform keeping in view of the need of general users"- Quoted Paras, the Co-Founders of www.papam.in

The company offers

  • Personalized Paper Greeting Cards for all the occasions and festivals printed on demand
  • Signature integration for corporate and individuals
  • Various theme based designs
  • Specialized design gallery
  • Doorstep delivery via Courier shipping
  • Unique platform for designers to showcase their designs

Card costs starts approx. Rs.37. You can pay online.


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Penny stock up 3,900% intra-day

The stock of Mumbai-based Griffin Chemicals shot up by 3,900 per cent on Wednesday in the first hour of trading on the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE).

The share was being admitted for trading for the first time in five years, after it got de-listed in 2002 for non-compliance issues. On its last trading day in that year, the stock had closed at Rs 1.25 a share.

Griffin Chemicals rose to touch a high of Rs 50 a share, a 3,900 per cent gain, after getting re-listed at Rs 23 a share. Falling from its peak, the stock closed the day at Rs 24, a gain of 1,820 per cent.

It's a third penny stock which witnessed a brazen price rise after KGN and Sylph Technologies made headlines on the first day of their re-listing.

Source : Business Standard

petrol fever.........

An email received from my friend.

Petrol Fever - A Real Eye Opener

Dear Friends,

Following is the article from well known Newspaper.

Find the detail break-up of the Final price of petrol available in

This is a break up considering crude oil at 130 $ per barrel. Following
details are for per liter petrol in Rs.
  • Basic Price                                =      Rs 21.93
  • Excise duty                               =      Rs 14.35      
  • Education Tax                          =      Rs 0.43
  • Dealer commission                   =      Rs 1.05
  • VAT                                         =      Rs 5.5
  • Crude Oil Custom duty             =      Rs 1.1
  • Petrol Custom                           =      Rs 1.54
  • Transportation Charge               =      Rs 6.00
  • Total price                                =      Rs 51.90
For  Rs 22 per liter at petrol pumps, we people paying Rs 28 tax extra.

Govt. is thinking to impose more price hike to curtain with the current
crude oil bubble in International oil crisis.

If Central Govt. wish, it can still reduce the price of petrol in the
current crisis situation, but it doesn't intend to do so
Don't you think you should pass this message to create more awareness
among the people.


Birla Sun Life MF launches Century SIP -offers upto 100 times insurance cover

Birla Sun Life MF launched Century SIP, a unique systematic investment plan offering an opportunity to create wealth with as little as Rs .1000 Per month plus a life insurance cover of up to 100 times the monthly installment.This plan comes along with free term insurance for an individual up to 55 years of age.

The life insurance cover comes at no extra cost to the investor. The cover is hassle free. The investor need not go thru any medial test to avail of the life cover. All an investor needs to do is enroll for CSIP & sign a “Declaration of Good Health”. In case of unfortunate demise of investor the insurance claim will be directly paid to the nominee by the insurance company (Birla Sun Life Insurance Company).

Announcing the launch of Century SIP, Anil Kumar, CEO, Birla Sun Life MF said, “This offering touches all aspects of an investor’s financial planning needs. We wish to encourage the investment habit among investors by providing them life insurance cover.”

Insurance cover to the investor would continue even after the SIP’s minimum maturity tenor of 3 years. Any individual between 18 to 46 years of age may invest in this plan. However, the free term insurance for an individual is only up to 55 years of age.Investment in this plan may be made through Electronic clearing system (ECS), direct debits or post dated cheques.

BSNL slashes effective call rates

BSNL announces substantial reduction in tariff of Landline /WLL and Cellular service. The reduced tariff will be effective from 11th June 2008. Details may be read @ http://www.bsnl.in/newsdetailed.php?news_id=414 .

But BSNL effected 100% increase in the Friends and Family call rates from 10 paisa/min to 20 paisa/min. For details visit http://www.bsnl.in/service/cellular_cellone_allplan.htm

Interactive, investing game

Moneybhai Investor is a simulated real-time Stock Market Game aimed at giving investors an easy and interactive platform - using Television, the Internet and Mobile phones to understand and invest in the stock market without fear of losing their investment. The objective of this  interactive stock market game is to educate and help first-time investors in understanding how the stock market functions. Participants need to register online on www.moneybhai.com or SMS MB to 52622 through their mobile phone to be part of the Moneybhai Investor interactive stock market game.


The prize money for a daily winner will be Rs 10,000. To be eligible for the Moneybhai daily prize it is mandatory to log in to your account at least once a day.

The prize money for a weekly winner will be Rs 25,000. To be eligible for the Moneybhai weekly prize it is mandatory to log in to your account at least thrice a week.

The prize money for a monthly winner will be Rs 50,000. To be eligible for the Moneybhai monthly prize, it is mandatory to log in to your account at least 4 times a month.

Top 5 players to win exclusive 18-piece Magpie Cutlery sets daily.

The winner needs to pay the gift tax, VAT and other incremental expenses as applicable.

It is a risk free way to learn the stock market and if you are right it would fetch you money too.

If Oil Price still increase....It may happen

If Oil Price still increase.... ...
Hosted by Tinypic.com

Hosted by Tinypic.com

Hosted by Tinypic.com

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Hosted by Tinypic.com

AtlasHonda Presents ............ ...

launched another fuel saver bike...............
After The SUCCESS of .........
CD 100...........


When will you get Reliance Power Bonus Shares?

The Reliance Power Ltd (RPL) board had fixed June 3 to June 5 as the book closure date for the bonus issue.Once the record date is over, it takes at least one week for the entire process of allotment of bonus shares to be completed. Moneycontrol spoke to Karvy Computershare Private Ltd, the registrars and share transfer agents of RPL, and they confirmed, “The bonus shares shall be allotted within another two days. By the June 12 they shall be credited to the shareholders account.”

Suzlon’s US order canceled

Suzlon Energy, which opened on a negative note this morning, has rallied sharply to Rs 268.70, netting a handsome gain of 2.65%.

But caution advised. Suzlon Energy Ltd., said Edison Mission Energy has cancelled an order for 150 turbines. The US energy major has decided against buying the 2.1-megawatt turbines that were due for delivery in 2009, Suzlon informed the Bombay Stock Exchange. The cancalled order represents the second phase of the 300 turbine order.  Edison has cancelled the order after blades, which were supplied by Suzlon, started cracking due to design problems. Suzlon had recalled 1,251 blades from its turbines. The company has also reportedly spent $30 million to repair cracked blades.

Reuters also confirming the same.

Why INDIA is in trouble - Just for Fun

Why INDIA is in trouble............................

Population: 100 crore
9 crore retired
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30 crore in state Govt;
17 crore in central Govt.
(Both categories don't work)
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1 crore IT professional (don't work for India )
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25 crore in school
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1 crore are under 5 years
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15 crore unemployed
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1.2 crore u can find anytime in hospitals
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Statistics says u find 79,99,998 people anytime in jail
The Balancetwo are U & Me.
U are busy 'checking Mails /sending fwds... '..!!
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HOW CAN I HANDLE INDIA alone?   Aiyyyyo......
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Live!! Laugh!!!

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