My brokers calls

Fri 09:58:59 a Buy NDTV at CMP with a SL of Rs 224 and Tgt of Rs 238, Rs 241 - Biren
Fri 10:14:50 a buy m&m cmp 626.25 with a sl of Rs 622 target 634 and 637 - Biren
Fri 10:16:17 a Buy Tata Chem Rs 258.90 with SL RS 255 and tgt of Rs 266 - Deepak
Fri 10:25:39 a Buy suzlon Rs 1316 with SL of Rs 1310 and tgt of Rs 1335 - Deepak
Fri 10:37:00 a Buy M&M Financial (newly listed ) at Rs241 with SL of Rs236 and tgt of Rs250
Fri 10:39:02 a buy mphasisbfl cmp 201.75 with a sl of Rs 198 target 207 and 209 - Biren
Fri 10:40:51 a Buy Rel Capital at Rs537.50 with SL of Rs531 and tgt of Rs547 - Pritesh
Fri 10:52:23 a Buy Jindal Steel and Power March Future at CMP 1720 with SL 1690 and tgt of 1860 - Deepak
Fri 10:53:31 a buy ACC at Rs767.50 with Sl of Rs761 and tgt of Rs778- Pritesh
Fri 11:02:41 a buy harr malaya cmp 157.5 with a sl of Rs 154 target 164 and 167- Biren
Fri 11:07:46 a please ignore harr malaya 5 % circuit only - biren
Fri 11:10:14 a Our M&M financial SL triggered
Fri 11:16:43 a Buy PNB at Rs465 with SL of Rs461 and tgt of Rs472 - Pritesh
Fri 11:20:09 a update mphasisbfl sl from 198 to 201 trade is safe now - Biren
Fri 11:36:32 a buy aptech training cmp 136.4 with a sl of Rs 133 target 142 and 145 - Biren
Fri 12:39:29 p mphasis bfl bang on target - Biren
Fri 12:52:59 p Buy Satyam Comp at Rs 830 with SL of Rs 824 and tgt of 840+ : Deepak
Fri 12:55:35 p Buy Tata Motors at Rs928 with a SL of Rs921 and tgt of Rs939 - Pritesh
Fri 01:18:55 p Auto stocks have recorded smart gains, one can buy Maruti at Rs889 with a SL of Rs882 and tgt of Rs899 - Pritesh
Fri 01:35:34 p Our Tata Motors call is going strong at Rs936.30, close to acheiving the tgt - Pritesh
Fri 01:43:16 p High risk trader buy BL Kashyap (newly listed )at Rs1018 with SL of Rs1003 and tgt of Rs1045
Fri 01:52:21 p Buy ONGC at Rs 1227 with SL of 1220 and tgt of Rs1240 : Deepak
Fri 01:58:15 p our Tgt acheived in Tata Motors call - Pritesh
Fri 02:19:31 p our risky call of BL Kashyap has started moving ( 1029)
Fri 02:23:46 p Our PNB call has rebounded from lower levels and is going strong at Rs471 - Pritesh
Fri 02:41:23 p Markets are facing stiff resistance at higher levels, traders be cautious
Fri 02:42:36 p Keep booking profits partially, as market is unable to sustain at higher levels
Fri 03:03:19 p Buy IPCL at Rs248 for delivery of 2 weeks with SL of 241 and tgt of Rs270
Fri 03:11:55 p Buy Pratibha Rs 183.20 with SL of Rs 178 and tgt Rs 192 - Deepak
Fri 03:12:37 p Our BL Kashyap SL triggered
Fri 03:13:49 p Our Satyam Comp SL triggered - Deepak
Fri 03:19:03 p Book profit in our BTST call of KEC at Rs500 given yesterday
Fri 03:36:09 p Market is highly volatile, traders are advised to remain alert
Fri 03:38:32 p Our Pratibha call bang on tgt - Deepak
Fri 03:46:15 p our ACC Sl triggered - Pritesh
Fri 03:51:34 p Our Buy Today Sell Tomorrow call: Buy Pratibha at Rs200
Fri 03:56:04 p buy prithvi cmp 417.3 with a sl of Rs 413 target 425 and 428 - Biren
Fri 03:57:21 p Our BTSt call of Pratibha is going strong at Rs212.25


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