My Broker's Calls

15:24:06 - Our Buy Today sell Tomorrow call: Buy divis Lab at Rs1870
15:21:07 - Our Buy Today sell Tomorrow call: Buy BRFL at Rs132.80
15:21:06 - Our Buy Today sell Tomorrow call: Buy BRFL at Rs132.80
15:10:47 - Our Buy Today sell Tomorrow call: Buy Maharashtra Seamless at Rs674
15:10:46 - Our Buy Today sell Tomorrow call: Buy Maharashtra Seamless at Rs674
15:03:41 - Markets are witnessing profit booking, traders be cautious
15:03:40 - Markets are witnessing profit booking, traders be cautious
14:57:44 - Our Buy Today sell Tomorrow call: Buy Colgate at Rs426
14:57:43 - Our Buy Today sell Tomorrow call: Buy Colgate at Rs426
14:56:13 - our second tgt acheived in colgate call - Pritesh
14:48:45 - Our tgt acheived in Tata Chem call - Deepak
14:23:51 - our Titan call given in the morning is on fire at Rs847
14:15:27 - Our tgt acheived in Maharashtra Seamless call
14:15:26 - Our tgt acheived in Maharashtra Seamless call
14:09:27 - our satyam Comp sl Triggered - Pritesh
14:07:38 - Buy Maharashtra Seamless at Rs661 with SL of Rs655 and tgt of Rs671
13:27:26 - Buy Satyam Computer at Rs861 with SL of Rs855 and tgt of Rs870 - pritesh
13:27:25 - Buy Satyam Computer at Rs861 with SL of Rs855 and tgt of Rs870 - pritesh
13:17:03 - Our mukandltd bang on target 118 - Biren
13:04:40 - NDTV Rs 251 buy sl Rs 249 tgt Rs 258 - deepak
11:57:40 - Buy J & K bank at Rs 454.50 with SL of Rs 447 and tgt Rs 460 and Rs 465 - Deepak
11:47:16 - Our BTST call of SRF has gained by over 4%
11:37:48 - buy kesoram cmp 216.8 with a sl of Rs 214 target 224 and 227 - biren
11:31:37 - Our first tgt acheived in Colgate call, book profit partially in the scrip - Pritesh
11:20:05 - Buy Siemens for delivery of 2 weeks around leevls of Rs5700 with SL of Rs5625 and tgt of Rs6100
11:20:04 - Buy Siemens for delivery of 2 weeks around leevls of Rs5700 with SL of Rs5625 and tgt of Rs6100
11:08:19 - buy pnb cmp 484 with a sl of Rs 479 target 492 and 495 - Biren
11:08:18 - buy pnb cmp 484 with a sl of Rs 479 target 492 and 495 - Biren
11:07:46 - Buy Jain Irrigation around 246 levels with SL of 240 convert in short-term investment above 251 for price target of 274 within 4 weeks - Deepak
10:56:51 - Our Punj Lloyd call is going strong at Rs1098, close to acheiving the tgt
10:56:50 - Our Punj Lloyd call is going strong at Rs1098, close to acheiving the tgt
10:54:00 - Buy Colgate at Rs419 with Sl of Rs414 and tgt of Rs426, 428 - Pritesh
10:52:33 - Buy Punj Lloyd at Rs1086 with SL of Rs1074 and tgt of Rs1105
10:52:32 - Buy Punj Lloyd at Rs1086 with SL of Rs1074 and tgt of Rs1105
10:42:14 - buy mukandltd cmp 111.25 with a sl of Rs 108 target 117 and 119 - biren
10:18:56 - Our fundamental delivery call of RPG transmission given on March 27 has gained by over 6% to Rs240
10:14:15 - Buy VSNL at Rs 475 with SL of Rs 466 and tgt Rs 485+: Deepak
10:14:14 - Buy VSNL at Rs 475 with SL of Rs 466 and tgt Rs 485+: Deepak
10:12:41 - Our Titan Call bang on tgt
10:09:17 - buy Titan at Rs814 with SL of Rs806 and tgt of Rs824
10:02:50 - Buy Tata chem at Rs 253.50 SL of Rs 250 and tgt Rs 258 - Deepak

Fidelity India Special Situations Fund

Fidelity Mutual Fund is going to launch today a new category of equity funds in India - with the launch of Fidelity India Special Situations Fund. The product brochure, KIM and offer document are available in the links provided below :
1. KIM and Application Form :
3. Product Brochure :
The new fund offer opens for subscription on March 28, 2006 and will close for subscription on April 26, 2006. The fund will re-open for ongoing subscription on May 25, 2006.
The load structures for NFO and ongoing offer of Fidelity India Special Situations Fund (FISS)are as under :
Load Structure Entry load (lump sum investments) : Applications <>= Rs. 5 crores : Nil Entry load (SIP) : 1.25% for a SIP where a single instalment is less than or equal to Rs. 1 lakh Nil for a SIP where a single instalment is greater than or equal to Rs. 5 crores 2.25% for a SIP where single instalment of more than Rs. 1 lakh and less than Rs. 5 crores Exit load (lump sum investments) : 1.00% if redeemed within 6 months from the date of allotment Exit load (SIP) : 1.00% if redeemed within 2 years from the date of allotment and the entry load applicable at the time of SIP was 1.25%

Forthcoming Dividend List

Scheme Name Rate* Record Date

Birla sunlife Basic Industries Fund

Birla Sunlife Buy India Fund

Birla Sunlife Tax Relief 96 Fund

Chola Growth Fund

Chola MIDCAP Fund


Escort Balanced Fund

HSBC Equity Fund

ING Domestic Opportunity Fund

JM Equity Fund

Principal Dividend Yield Fund

Principal Resurgent India Fund

Pru ICICI Discovery Fund


Pru ICICI Growth Fund

Pru ICICI Income Multiplier Fund

Reliance Banking Fund

Reliance Growth Fund

Reliance Vision Fund

SBI Magnum Contra Fund

What to be done in case of theft of ur mobile?

Mail Received from one friend
Hi All,

Now Chennai Police is able to track down lost cell phones with the special software they have if you give the IMEI number. They can track the cell even if they change the SIM to any other one. So here are the tips. Please make a note of your IMEI number now itself. you can find it in the battery compartment or by keying in *#06# (for nokia) . And if your cell is lost please contact "CYBER CRIME CELL" with the IMEI number at the following Email addresses. (Please don't save the number in same mobile) Here is the address. S. BALU, Assistant Commissioner of Police, CYBER CRIME CELL, Central Crime Branch, Egmore, Chennai - 8.


My Broker call

Mon 09:55:20 a Buy M&M at CMP with a SL of Rs 622 and tgt of Rs636, Rs 639 - Biren
Mon 10:32:51 a Buy ACC at Rs 766 with SL of Rs 762 and tgt Rs 775 - Deepak
Mon 10:33:29 a Buy HDFC Bank Rs 770 with SL of Rs 765 and tgt of Rs 780 - Deepak
Mon 10:43:13 a high risk trade buy cesc cmp 340.8 with a sl of Rs 335 target 349 and 352 - Biren
Mon 11:13:12 a Buy Wipro at Rs529 with SL of Rs524 and tgt of Rs 539 - Pritesh
Mon 11:19:59 a Buy Indo Tech at 229 with SL of Rs224 and tgt of Rs242
Mon 11:35:37 a Tech stocks have recorded smart gains, Our Wipro call is going strong at Rs535 - Pritesh
Mon 11:49:21 a buy marksans cmp 242 with a sl of Rs 238 target 250 and 252 - Biren
Mon 12:10:31 p buy balramchin cmp 164.85 with a sl of Rs 160 target 172 and 175 - Biren
Mon 12:11:09 p Buy PBA Infra at Rs 157 with SL of Rs 153 and tgt of Rs 165 - Deepak
Mon 12:58:12 p Buy Rel Capital at Rs539 with Sl of Rs532 and tgt of Rs548 - Pritesh
Mon 01:09:51 p Buy Cipla at Rs586 with SL of Rs581 and tgt of Rs595 - Pritesh
Mon 01:17:02 p Buy Jind Steel at Rs 1717 with SL of Rs 1710 and tgt Rs 1735 - Deepak
Mon 01:29:46 p Market is witnessing profit booking, traders are advised to book profits wherever applicable
Mon 01:37:08 p our Jindal Steel SL Triggered - Deepak
Mon 02:13:53 p Buy BRFL at Rs131 with SL of Rs127 and tgt of Rs136, 139 - Pritesh
Mon 02:38:37 p Our Wipro call bang on tgt - Pritesh
Mon 02:44:46 p Our PBA Infra call has locked 10% upper circuit - Deepak
Mon 02:47:26 p Our BTST call of Pratibha has locked 20% upper circuit
Mon 02:51:26 p Buy 3i Infotech at Rs 184.70 with SL of Rs 180 and tgt Rs 200 - Deepak
Mon 02:59:02 p Our Buy Today Sell Tomorrow call: Buy MTNL at Rs172.85
Mon 03:00:04 p Buy Tulip at Rs 268 with SL of Rs 264 and tgt Rs 278+ : Deepak
Mon 03:06:55 p Buy Satyam at Rs820 with Sl of Rs815 with tgt of Rs828 - Pritesh
Mon 03:10:19 p Our Buy Today Sell Tomorrow call: Buy STER at Rs1467
Mon 03:14:51 p Our Buy Today Sell Tomorrow call: Buy Prithvi at Rs421.50

Mon 09:53:08 a Visualsoft withdraws proposal to absorb Applabs, E-Solutions
Mon 09:53:23 a Cadila buys 15% in Carnation Nutra-Analogue Foods Ltd
Mon 10:05:56 a Our BTST call of Pratibha has gained by over 4% to Rs214
Mon 10:16:59 a Our BTST call of Pratibha has surged by over 9% to Rs225, book profit in the scrip
Mon 10:23:46 a Century Textile is running in ban period, no fresh positions is allowed in the scrip in F&O segment
Mon 10:27:08 a Chidambaram says Agriculture is also a focus of FY07 Budget
Mon 11:05:07 a SBI to sell up to 49% of units on Parliament approval
Mon 11:20:30 a Bharti Group considering entry into retail business
Mon 11:28:05 a SBI may raise Rs40bn selling bonds
Mon 11:32:33 a Goldman Sachs to invest $1bn in India in next 2-3 years, it favours IT Services, auto, Infrastructure
Mon 11:40:41 a Pratibha Industries gets Mall project worth Rs700mn, to build mall for Nirmal Lifestyles
Mon 12:14:15 p Lyka Labs sells 49% stake in Lyka Hetero JV unit
Mon 12:17:30 p IVRCL Infrastructures is setting up Steel Fabrication & Galvanization Unit in Maharashtra
Mon 12:44:18 p Kotak Mahindra plans to expand in far East, Middle East
Mon 12:55:07 p Infotech Enterprises wins Mapping contract from US
Mon 12:57:10 p Rel Cap names Amitabh Jhunjhunwala as vice Chairman
Mon 01:18:31 p DCW Ltd to meet on Mar 27 to discuss fundraising plans
Mon 01:41:37 p Cadila plans to start phase two clinical trials on its ZYH1 molecule
Mon 02:11:02 p India'a Lower House approves Budget for FY07
Mon 03:27:16 p Hexaware Tech to raise Rs3bn from General Atlantic


From HDFC Bank News Letter

A company in a western city conducted a survey on the employees who had been with the company for five years or more. Two questions were asked to all the employees and their replies summed to unanimous answers.
First question: What is your greatest hope in life?The answers were: To be financially secure To have happiness and security To be carefree in old age To be sure that my family will be secureTo retain my health and my job To have the respect of my family and friends To sum it up- the greatest hope in life is the hope for security.
Second question: What is your greatest fear in life? The answers were: Fear of financial insecurity Not being able to support for self and family.Sickness and unemployment DeathDependence in old age To sum it up – the greatest fear in life is – insecurity
Life insurance is the most efficient way of furnishing security and for many people it is the only way that can provide security. It offers people methods of achieving economic security.
Family Protection The very thought of protecting family, to shield them against the hazards of being financially unsecured in the event of death of the bread winner, leads to only one conclusion of purchasing a life insurance policy by paying small amounts periodically. The life insurer assures to the family in the event of death a much lager sum of money fulfilling the family needs.
Wealth Creation And Transfer Life insurance is also recognized as an effective financial tool for wealth creation. One can pay a fixed amount at regular intervals and build a corpus. Unit linked life insurance plans also give you the flexibility of adding more in case of any cash- flows over and above the regular premiums. A unique feature of life insurance is that, the wealth in the form of the corpus is transferable to anyone by assigning beneficiaries in the policy. Beneficiaries could be wife, children or both. When policy matures or even in case of any eventuality the entire corpus accumulated in the policy is given only to the beneficiaries.
Security With Dignity And Freedom Security for an individual can be defined as dignity. Not knowing how long you will live makes it extremely difficult to determine how much money it will take to live in the fashion to which we are accustomed. Life insurance not only insures life, it insures way of life. A life insurance pension contract assures life income every year during old age. This income gives the freedom to live life comfortably and proudly.
Life insurance is the only instrument that offers security against threats of death, disability and old age. Just a signature on the application form creates an immediate asset for you and your family

Personal Traits of a successful entrepreneur By Robert T. Kiyosaki

Vision : the ability to see what others could not see

Courage : the ability to act despite tremendous doubt

Creativity : the ability to think outside the box

The ability to withstand criticism

The ability to delay gratification : It can be very difficult to learn to deny short-term immediate self-gratification in favor of a greater long-term reward.

My brokers calls

Fri 09:58:59 a Buy NDTV at CMP with a SL of Rs 224 and Tgt of Rs 238, Rs 241 - Biren
Fri 10:14:50 a buy m&m cmp 626.25 with a sl of Rs 622 target 634 and 637 - Biren
Fri 10:16:17 a Buy Tata Chem Rs 258.90 with SL RS 255 and tgt of Rs 266 - Deepak
Fri 10:25:39 a Buy suzlon Rs 1316 with SL of Rs 1310 and tgt of Rs 1335 - Deepak
Fri 10:37:00 a Buy M&M Financial (newly listed ) at Rs241 with SL of Rs236 and tgt of Rs250
Fri 10:39:02 a buy mphasisbfl cmp 201.75 with a sl of Rs 198 target 207 and 209 - Biren
Fri 10:40:51 a Buy Rel Capital at Rs537.50 with SL of Rs531 and tgt of Rs547 - Pritesh
Fri 10:52:23 a Buy Jindal Steel and Power March Future at CMP 1720 with SL 1690 and tgt of 1860 - Deepak
Fri 10:53:31 a buy ACC at Rs767.50 with Sl of Rs761 and tgt of Rs778- Pritesh
Fri 11:02:41 a buy harr malaya cmp 157.5 with a sl of Rs 154 target 164 and 167- Biren
Fri 11:07:46 a please ignore harr malaya 5 % circuit only - biren
Fri 11:10:14 a Our M&M financial SL triggered
Fri 11:16:43 a Buy PNB at Rs465 with SL of Rs461 and tgt of Rs472 - Pritesh
Fri 11:20:09 a update mphasisbfl sl from 198 to 201 trade is safe now - Biren
Fri 11:36:32 a buy aptech training cmp 136.4 with a sl of Rs 133 target 142 and 145 - Biren
Fri 12:39:29 p mphasis bfl bang on target - Biren
Fri 12:52:59 p Buy Satyam Comp at Rs 830 with SL of Rs 824 and tgt of 840+ : Deepak
Fri 12:55:35 p Buy Tata Motors at Rs928 with a SL of Rs921 and tgt of Rs939 - Pritesh
Fri 01:18:55 p Auto stocks have recorded smart gains, one can buy Maruti at Rs889 with a SL of Rs882 and tgt of Rs899 - Pritesh
Fri 01:35:34 p Our Tata Motors call is going strong at Rs936.30, close to acheiving the tgt - Pritesh
Fri 01:43:16 p High risk trader buy BL Kashyap (newly listed )at Rs1018 with SL of Rs1003 and tgt of Rs1045
Fri 01:52:21 p Buy ONGC at Rs 1227 with SL of 1220 and tgt of Rs1240 : Deepak
Fri 01:58:15 p our Tgt acheived in Tata Motors call - Pritesh
Fri 02:19:31 p our risky call of BL Kashyap has started moving ( 1029)
Fri 02:23:46 p Our PNB call has rebounded from lower levels and is going strong at Rs471 - Pritesh
Fri 02:41:23 p Markets are facing stiff resistance at higher levels, traders be cautious
Fri 02:42:36 p Keep booking profits partially, as market is unable to sustain at higher levels
Fri 03:03:19 p Buy IPCL at Rs248 for delivery of 2 weeks with SL of 241 and tgt of Rs270
Fri 03:11:55 p Buy Pratibha Rs 183.20 with SL of Rs 178 and tgt Rs 192 - Deepak
Fri 03:12:37 p Our BL Kashyap SL triggered
Fri 03:13:49 p Our Satyam Comp SL triggered - Deepak
Fri 03:19:03 p Book profit in our BTST call of KEC at Rs500 given yesterday
Fri 03:36:09 p Market is highly volatile, traders are advised to remain alert
Fri 03:38:32 p Our Pratibha call bang on tgt - Deepak
Fri 03:46:15 p our ACC Sl triggered - Pritesh
Fri 03:51:34 p Our Buy Today Sell Tomorrow call: Buy Pratibha at Rs200
Fri 03:56:04 p buy prithvi cmp 417.3 with a sl of Rs 413 target 425 and 428 - Biren
Fri 03:57:21 p Our BTSt call of Pratibha is going strong at Rs212.25

Always have a stop-loss and an exit price clearly defined

Never try to fight a trend by taking positions against the prevailing trend.

Though it may be always tempting to buy a stock that is falling with an intention to lower the average cost of acquisition, such a practice should be avoided. This will be tantamount to throwing good money after bad.

Always have a stop-loss and an exit price clearly defined before making a trading decision.

There are several methods to arrive at stop-loss levels. If you are unable to identify a logical or reliable stop-loss level, use a fixed money-based stop method, which fits into your psychological comfort zone.

Never hold on to a trading or investment position that has moved past your psychological zone of comfort.

If you are not disciplined to cut positions on the breach of stop-loss, it could turn out to be a psychologically arduous task to cut those loss-making positions when prices keep moving against you.

Always take care of your losses and profit would take care of themselves.

Periodical profit booking and re-entry on fresh "buy" triggers are crucial aspects of success in stock market investing. There is nothing wrong or inconsistent in buying a stock at slightly higher levels after having booked profit earlier.

The key aspect is to ensure that the long-term trend is intact and there is a valid reason to take fresh exposures.

Keep track of stocks you find are in a long-term upward trend and take positions on fresh "buy" triggers.

Even after the stop-loss is hit, investors should not ignore the stock they have been tracking. It may well turn out that the stock could reverse trend and get back to the target zone envisaged earlier.

The stop-loss might have been hit owing to either an incorrect stop loss or a change in the short-term trend. The stock price may reverse at lower levels and manage to move to the earlier determined target zone.


Fri 09:57:14 a Our BTST call of ABB has gained by 3.70%
Fri 09:57:48 a Our BTST call ofJagran has gained by 2%
Fri 10:17:30 a Buy ACC at Rs764 with SL of Rs759 and tgt of Rs773 - Pritesh
Fri 10:22:39 a our ACC calll bang on tgt - Pritesh
Fri 10:47:05 a Buy KEC International (listed today) at Rs434 with SL of rs428 and tgt of Rs446 - Pritesh
Fri 11:03:57 a Our KEC International SL triggered
Fri 11:28:46 a banking stocks are in limelight
Fri 11:32:43 a Buy IVRCL Infra at Rs1217 with SL of Rs1203 and tgt of Rs1242
Fri 11:41:45 a Our IVRCL Infra call is going strong at Rs1237
Fri 12:39:05 p Buy Satyam Comp at Rs795 with SL of Rs791 and tgt of Rs803 - Pritesh
Fri 12:40:57 p buy Aks at Rs72.15 with SL of Rs69 and tgt of Rs80 -Biren
Fri 12:43:44 p our Aks call is likely to hit upper circuit - Biren
Fri 12:44:42 p Our IVRCL Infra call bang on tgt
Fri 01:20:15 p BUY USHAMART CMP 192.6 WITH A SL OF RS 189 TARGET 198 AND 200 - Biren
Fri 01:23:51 p Buy Suzlon at Rs1252 with SL of Rs1242 and tgt of Rs1272
Fri 01:24:59 p our USHAMART BANG ON TARGET 198 - Biren
Fri 01:26:31 p Tech stocks have recorded smart gains, our Satyam Comp call is going strong at Rs803.30 - Pritesh
Fri 01:28:03 p Our USHAMART call bang on tgt 2 - Biren
Fri 01:30:25 p BUY RADICO CMP 153 WITH A SL OF RS 149 TARGET 160 AND 163 - Biren
Fri 01:32:04 p Our satyam Com call bang on tgt - Pritesh
Fri 01:43:09 p Buy Cipla at Rs591 with SL of Rs586 and tgt of Rs601 - Pritesh
Fri 01:49:02 p BUY MPHASISBFL CMP 184.25 WITH A SL OF RS 181 TARGET 190 AND 192 - Biren
Fri 02:05:50 p our Suzlon call bang on tgt
Fri 02:21:35 p Our Cipla SL triggered - Pritesh
Fri 02:28:00 p Markets are trading at life time high, traders are advised to keep booking profits, wherever applicable
Fri 02:44:30 p Our Satyam Call is on fire at Rs815 - Pritesh
Fri 02:51:50 p BUY PUNTRAC cmp 243 with a sl of Rs 239 target 252 and 254 - Biren
Fri 03:15:12 p fire works in our punjab tractor call - Biren
Fri 03:17:19 p our tgt acheived in Punjab Tractor - Biren
Fri 03:22:08 p buy Bajaj Auto at Rs2757 with SL of Rs2747 and tgt of Rs2778
Fri 03:23:41 p Our Bajaj Auto call on tgt
Fri 03:26:46 p buy sundramfas cmp 160.5 with a sl of Rs 157 target 168 and 170 - Biren
Fri 03:48:44 p OUR Suzlon call on Fire at Rs1300
Fri 03:50:28 p Our Buy Today Sell Tomorrow call: Buy GNFC at Rs121.85
Fri 04:13:26 p Our Buy Today Sell Tomorrow call of GNFC is going strong at Rs126.60 - Pritesh

Impact of ‘Union Budget 2006-07’ – March 2006 By HDFC Bank

HDFC Bank's view on the Union Budget 2006-07’ – March 2006 can be read from

A review on 5paisa

Dear Friends,
Before reviewing their three offering viz., Investor Terminal, Trader Terminal and Trader Terminal 2005, I wish to say something about pre-requisite for online trading.To start trading online in Indian share markets you need following accounts.1. Broker Account to place your buy and sell orders in the stock exchange (5paisa, sharekhan, HDFC Sec, ICICI Direct, India Bulls, Motilal Oswal,envestmentz etc.,)2. Demat A/c to hold your shares in electronic form ( Most of the online brokers are offering this service for a fee. This fees is lowest at India Infoline Sec. Which is a subsidiary of 5paisa and account opening charge Rs500 is waived for 5 paisa customers)3. Net enabled Bank A/c to transfer funds to your broker and receive funds from your broker. ( 5 paisa needs net enabled A/c in any of the following banks – ICICI Bank, HDFC Bank, UTI Bank, Citi Bank and Centurion Bank)
Review of 5 paisa products
1. Investor TerminalTo know the general information about this product, please visit . You can place orders even from browsing centers. Brokerage is about 0.5% for delivery trades and about 0.25% for square-off trades(it means buying 100 shares of ACC in the morning and selling them in the same day itself. It is called as intra day trading). Fastness of execution of your orders depends on net speed. This product suits for buy and hold type of investors. Brokerage will be charged as and when your orders are executed. No other fixed charge except demat charge. Offline orders are not possible. ( Off line order means is placing orders after market time). Orders can also be placed through phone but the will charge you Rs25 for each telephone order.
2. Trader TerminalTo know the general information about this product, please visit . You need to download a small software from their website (Trader Terminal approx 1.8 MB in size from You can’t place orders from browsing centers as this software is necessary to place orders. Brokerage is about 0.25 % for delivery trades and 0.05% (5pasia for Rs100) for square-off trades on each leg. Very fast. Orders will be executed at fraction of a second. You can trade in NSE Cash and NSE Derivatives. You also get trading ideas free of cost, which are highly useful and regarded as best of the best. For this product you need to pay Rs 4999 or Rs 7999 as advance brokerage for a year. No separate fee for this product. This advance brokerage will be set-off against your trade brokerages. Both intra day and historic charting facility is available. Offline orders are not possible. Orders can also be placed through phone (30 telephone orders per month free- no additional charge)3. Trader Terminal 2005Most of the features are same as Trader Terminal. Fee also same. Fastest. Here you can place order in BSE cash also (apart from NSE cash and Derivatives). Off line order is allowed. So you can place order at any time even at mid night. . You need to download a small software from their website (Trader Terminal 2005 approx 1.8 MB in size from Disadvantage is only intra day charting is available. No historic charting facility. Orders can also be placed through phone. (30 telephone orders per month free- no additional charge)
Back OfficeThey have one the best online back office facilities. Your limits are updated every 180 seconds. If you transfer funds online it will be reflected in your ledger with in 2 hours during market time. If you request fund, it will be credited directly into your bank A/c within 2 days. One the best customer care through email and phone. If you give power of Attorney to handle your demat A/c , trading through 5paisa is really a pleasant experience with no paper work or courier charge.
Happy investing.

Highlights of Union Budget 2006-07


Savings up 21.9% of GDP
FY05 GDP growth was 7.5%
Having best of times and worst of times
GDP growth likely to be 8.1% in 2006-07
Govt has met first aim of high growth rate
Growth is best antidote to poverty
Govt determined to take country to 10% growth rate


Gross capital formation up 30% in 2004-05
Non-food credit growing over 25%
Investment rate up from 25.3% in FY03 to 30.1% in FY05
1.727 trln rupee budget support for plan, up 20.4% in FY07
1.312-trln-rupee budget support for central plan
FY07 budgetary support for North East 120.41 bln rupees
Outcome Budget to be presented on Mar 17
Provide 169.01 bln rupees equity support to central PSUs
1.227 trln rupees outlay in FY07 for public sector
100 bln rupees corpus for RIDF-XII in FY07
Separate window for rural roads under RIDF
To unwind special securities by converting to SLR papers
Defense allocation raised to 890 bln rupees FY07
To provide 30 bln rupees as VAT compensation to states
States' revenue share up at 944 billion rupees FY07
Tax-GDP ratio 10.5% in FY06 vs 9.8% yr ago
FY06 fiscal deficit revised to 4.1% of GDP vs 4.3%
FY06 revenue deficit revised to 2.6% of GDP vs 2.7%
FY07 non-plan expenditure seen at 3.91 trln rupees
FY07 fiscal deficit pegged at 3.8% of GDP
FY07 total expenditure pegged at 5.639 trln rupees


Foodgrain output 209.3 mln tns, up 5 mln tns over last yr
Farm credit to be raised to 1.75 trillion rupees in FY07
Banks asked to add 5 mln more farmers to credit portfolio
Interest subsidy of 200 bps for farm loans taken 05-06
To provide 17 bln rupees for farmers' relief
Banks asked to add 5 mln more farmers to credit portfolio
Short-term credit to farmers at 7%
Special new NABARD credit line for self-help groups
Central institute of Horticulture to be set up in Nagaland
Food processing to be priority sector for bank credit
NABARD to set up 10 bln rupee centre for food processing


Manufacturing sector to grow at 9.4% in 2006-07
Barring mining, all sectors performing satisfactorily
Set up special purpose tea fund with 1-bln-rupee corpus
National Fisheries Board to be constituted soon
5.35 bln rupees in FY07 for textile upgradation scheme
Jute Technology Mission, National Jute Board to be set up
Govt proposes Handloom Mark
To develop 3 investment regions for oil sector in FY07
180 SSI items identified for de-reservation
To recognise small, medium enterprises in services sector
For cut in SSI credit guarantee fee to 1.5% vs 2.5%


Highway schemes progressing at 4.4 km/day
5,083 MW capacity to be added in 2005-06
96% of Golden Quadrilateral will be completed by Jun
870,000 rural houses built under Bharat Nirman
71,182 villages got telephones under Bharat Nirman
870,000 rural houses built in Apr-Jan
Budget support of 186.96 bln rupees for Bharat Nirman FY07
Education allocation up in FY07 to 241.54 bln rupees
Sarva Siksha Abhyan outlay for FY07 at 100.41 bln rupees
FY07 mid-day meal allocation 48.13 bln rupees
Rural employment to cost 117 bln rupees in FY07
FY07 drinking water outlay 46.8 bln rupees vs 36.45 bln
143 bln rupee outlay in FY07 for Rural Employment Scheme
45.95 bln rupee outlay for National Urban Mission in FY07
20,000 water bodies to covered under renewal plan
Indian Infrastructure Investment Co to be established
Tourism ministry to develop 15 tourist centres
Set up empowered ministers' group on cluster development
FY07 allocation for tourist sector 8.30 bln rupees
15 bln rupees in FY07 to boost telephone connectivity
To electrify 40,000 more villages in FY07
82 new power projects underway
To electrify 40,000 more villages in FY07
4.75% rise in power generation so far; govt not happy
5.97 bln rupee for non-conventional energy resources FY07
99.45 bln rupees budget support for NHDP in FY07
To build 1,000 Kms of access controlled expressways
7.35 bln rupees for development of sea ports in FY07
1,000 Kms of new expressways on BOT basis
Defense allocation includes 374.58 bln rupees for capex


Committed to strong, efficient public sector
Expert body to look into gems, jewellery sector taxation
20 bln tn coal to be deblocked for power sector by 2012
45 coal blocks allocated for power, coal, steel sectors
220 bln rupee investment expected in refinery sector
Introduce comprehensive bill on insurance in FY07


Cap on FII in gilts raised to $2 bln
Cap on FII investment in corp debt raised to $1.5 bln
To remove 10% cap on overseas investment by mutual funds
NDS-OM to be extended to some MFS, PFs, pension funds
To create unified exchange traded mkt for corporate bonds


To eliminate polio by December 2007
Leprosy to be eliminated by December 2006
45.95 bln rupee outlay for National Urban Mission in FY07
To raise old age pension to 200 rupees/mo vs 75 rupees
Allocation for SC/STs raised 14.5% to 29.02 bln rupees
20,000 merit scholarships for minority students
164 mln rupees for National Minorities Development Corp
To grant 1 bln rupees each to 3 universities
New grants to Calcutta, Madras, Mumbai universities
To allocate 970 mln rupees for upgrading ITIs in FY07
50 bln rupees for new fund under Panchayati Raj in FY07
13 bln rupees special aid to J&K for power reforms


FDI estimated at $4 bln till Nov 2005
Confident of more FDI, especially in infrastructure
To double world export share to 1.5% by FY09


Non-farm imports customs peak rate cut to 12.5% from 15%
Duty on alloy steel cut to 7.5% from 10%
Customs on steel melting scrap raised to 5%
Import duty on ores, concentrates cut to 2% from 5%
BUDGET: Customs duty on inorganic chemicals cut to 10% from 15%
Customs on steel melting scrap raised to 5%
Import duty on ores, concentrates cut to 2% from 5%
Customs on mineral products cut to 5% vs 15%
Duty on catalysts cut to 7% from 7.5%
Customs duty on inorganic chemicals cut to 10% from 15%
Customs duty on anti-AIDS, anti-cancer drugs cut to 5%
Customs on packaging machines cut to 5% vs 15%
To impose countervailing duty of 4% on oil imports
Customs duty on vanaspati raised to 18%
Import duty on man-made fibre yarn cut to 8% vs 18%


All excise rates to converge at CENVAT rate at 16%
Excise duty on small cars cut to 16%
Condensed milk, ice-creams exempted from excise duty
8% excise on packaged software in FY07
Excise on idly, dose premixes cut to 16%
Excise duty on aerated drinks cut to 16%
Excise on glassware will be 16%
DVD, Flash, Combo drives exempted from excise duty
Duty on naphtha on plastics to be nil
Petroleum pdts duty measures to be retail price neutral
Excise duty on printing paper, ink cut to 12% from 16%
Excise on cigarettes hiked by 5%


More services brought under service tax net
Registrars, share transfer agents under service tax net
Service tax to be extended to PR firms
ATM operation, maintenance to come under service tax
Services industry seen contributing 54% of GDP
Service tax raised to 12% from 10%
Apr 1, 2010 deadline for national level goods, svcs tax


No change in personal, corporate income tax rates
Minimum Alternate Tax rate up to 10% from 7.5%
To abolish 1/6 income tax norm
MAT cos' credit period extended to 7 years
Rate for STT increased by 25%
Bank deposits of over 5 year under section 80C of IT Act
10,000 rupee ceiling on pension contribution removed
Open, close-end equity MFs on par for div distribution tax
PAN needed for more transactions
To continue with cash withdrawal tax
Hopes debate on FBT ends; FBT is justified
Announce changes in computation of fringe benefit tax
Lauds cash withdrawal tax role in curbing money laundering
Retirement contribution cap of 100,000 rupees for FBT
To issue statement of revenue foregone
Include LPG under declared goods for CST
States taxing LPG at high rates
BUDGET: Direct tax proposals to yield 40 bln rupees more FY07
Thanks to Mr.Anup Bhaiya , Indiainfoline.

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