My Brokers calls on 19th Jan 2006

Thu 09:59:10 a Book profit in our BTST call of Nifty Jan future
Thu 10:04:38 a Buy Mphasis BFL at 160 with SL Rs 157 and TGT of Rs 163 and Rs 166 - Deepak
Thu 10:13:57 a buy upperganges cmp 348 with a sl of Rs 343 target 356 and 358 - Biren
Thu 10:16:00 a Buy wockhart at Rs 459 with SL of Rs 455 and tgt execpted Rs 467 - Deepak
Thu 10:18:08 a Book profit in our BTST call of Titan, which has gained by over 3.50%
Thu 10:19:55 a Buy REL at Rs614 with SL of Rs609 and tgt of Rs627 - Pritesh
Thu 10:25:38 a buy ponni erode cmp 107.8 with a sl of Rs 104 target 113 and 115 - Biren
Thu 10:28:03 a upper ganges target achived (356) - Biren
Thu 10:35:35 a Buy Mcdowell at 509 with SL of Rs502 and tgt of Rs520
Thu 10:38:16 a high risk trade buy aia eng cmp 576.5 sl 572 target 584 and 586 - Biren
Thu 10:42:26 a Buy IVRCL Infra at Rs864 with SL of Rs857 and tgt of Rs874 - Pritesh
Thu 10:43:23 a Our upper ganges call on fire - Biren
Thu 10:45:03 a buy dwarkesh cmp 244.5 witha sl of rs 240 target 252 and 254 - biren
Thu 10:53:40 a buy apil cmp 253.5 with a sl of rs 249 target 262 and 264 - Biren
Thu 10:57:45 a Our aia eng target achived (586) - Biren
Thu 11:06:20 a Buy Oudh Sugar at Rs187 with SL of Rs182 and tgt of Rs197
Thu 11:06:37 a buy balramchini cmp 142.8 witha sl of Rs 138 target 150 and 152 - Biren
Thu 11:09:52 a Our tgt acheived in Oudh Sugar call
Thu 11:12:29 a Buy KCP Sugar at Rs724 with SL of Rs718 and tgt of Rs739 - Pritesh
Thu 11:16:53 a Our KCP Sugar call onFire - Pritesh
Thu 11:17:11 a Or Tgt acheived in KCP Sugar call - Pritesh
Thu 11:19:45 a Our tgt acheived in IVRCL Infra call - Pritesh
Thu 11:21:09 a buy pbainfra cmp 116.6 with a sl of rs 113 target 122 and 124 - Biren
Thu 11:23:32 a Buy Satyam Comp at Rs736 with SL of Rs731 and tgt of Rs745 - Deepak
Thu 11:36:02 a buy aptechtrain cmp 129 with a sl of rs 126 target 135 and 137 - Biren
Thu 12:35:41 p Buy Chambal Fertilizers at Rs 38.35 with SL of Rs37.75 and tgt of Rs 40 and Rs42 - Deepak
Thu 12:38:56 p Buy L&T at 1864 with SL of Rs1858 and tgt of Rs1887 - Pritesh
Thu 12:45:46 p high risk trade buy adlabs films cmp 337.5 with sl of Rs 334 target 346 and 349 - biren
Thu 01:06:08 p Our pba infra target completed - Biren
Thu 01:08:06 p Our IVRCL Infra call is on fire at Rs888 - Pritesh
Thu 01:08:56 p Our pba infra target two completed 125 - Biren
Thu 01:14:41 p buy msk project cmp 92.9 with a sl of rs 91 target 96 and 99 - biren
Thu 01:16:22 p Our tgt acheived in MSK proj call - Biren
Thu 01:20:23 p buy srei int fin cmp 63.5 sl 61 target 67 and 69 - biren
Thu 01:20:52 p Buy NALCO at Rs 237.50 with SL of Rs233 and tgt expected at Rs 244 + : Deepak
Thu 01:25:36 p Our call of msk proj on circuit - Biren
Thu 01:33:55 p Buy Tata Motors at Rs633 with SL of Rs627 and tgt of Rs639 - Pritesh
Thu 01:35:21 p buy deepak fert cmp 105.1 with a sl of rs 102 target 111 and 113 - Biren
Thu 01:44:35 p high risk trade buy ruchi soya cmp 285.25 with a sl of Rs 281 target 294 and 296 - biren
Thu 01:48:22 p Our L&T call has rebounded from lower levels and is going strong at Rs1877.60 - Pritesh
Thu 01:52:11 p Our balramchini target achived 150 - Biren
Thu 01:54:25 p buy bhushan steel cmp 145 with a sl of Rs 141 target 152 and 154 - Biren
Thu 01:56:11 p Our tgt acheived in L&T call (1887) - Pritesh
Thu 01:58:47 p Our L&T call is on fire at Rs1898.95 - Pritesh
Thu 02:03:19 p buy monnet ispat cmp 217.85 with al of Rs 213 target 224 and 227 - Biren
Thu 02:06:00 p buy tvtoday cmp 95. 25 with a sl of rs 93 target 100 and 102 - biren
Thu 02:18:35 p Buy ITC at 144 with SL of Rs 141 and tgt of Rs 149 - Deepak
Thu 02:25:35 p Our Tata Motors call has started moving and is at Rs636.50 - Pritesh
Thu 02:33:37 p Buy Amtek Auto at CMp of Rs284 for delivery of 2 weeks with SL of Rs277 and tgt of Rs305
Thu 02:51:12 p buy nahar indust cmp 151.5 with a sl of rs 148 target 158 and 160 - biren
Thu 02:52:30 p Our tgt acheived in Satyam Call: Deepak
Thu 02:53:59 p Our Tgt acheived in Tata Motors Call - Pritesh
Thu 02:56:08 p Buy Polaris Rs 132 with a SL of Rs130 and tgt expected Rs 136-138 - Deepak
Thu 03:00:58 p Our adlabfilm target....achived (346) - Biren
Thu 03:07:11 p Our BTST call: Buy HLL at Rs187.50 - Biren
Thu 03:07:29 p buy alps indus cmp 137 with a sl of rs 133 target 146 and 149 - BIren
Thu 03:11:21 p Our REL call is going strong at Rs622 - Pritesh
Thu 03:16:10 p Pur target two acheived in Adlabs Call 349 - Biren
Thu 03:21:37 p Our BTST Call : Buy Siemens at Rs3705
Thu 03:22:27 p Our Tata Motors call is moving in top gear at Rs642.90 - Pritesh
Thu 03:27:04 p Our BTST call: Buy Tulip at Rs194
Thu 03:28:53 p Our BTST call: Buy SBI at 909 - Pritesh
Thu 09:51:47 a HCL Tech signs accord with DSG International
Thu 09:52:24 a SHELL, ONGC may jointly explore oil, gas overseas
Thu 09:56:41 a Reliance Industries Ltd (RIL) is in No Delivery period from 18 Jan to 24 Jan. Please confirm the position in this scrip before selling the same. In some cases, position of RIL shares is not correctly shown.
Thu 10:02:00 a Results Today: EID Parry; Infotech Enterprises; IPCL; IPCA Labs; KPIT Cummins Infotech; L&T; Nicholas Piramal; Orchid Chemicals; Sasken Communications; Upper Ganges and Zensar Tech.
Thu 10:28:42 a ONGC may buy a stake in SHELL's Indian LNG Plant
Thu 11:39:37 a ONGC earned $42-$43 on each barrel of oil in Q3
Thu 11:51:29 a Jet Airways Board approves acquisition of Sahara Airlines, says it will pay all cash for Sahara
Thu 12:14:16 p Deccan Chronicle to spend Rs250mn on Bangalore expansion
Thu 12:33:28 p L&T Q3 profit at Rs2.59bn (up 96%) and total income at Rs37.83bn (up 12%)
Thu 12:54:32 p SRF open interest of F&O segment reaches to 96%. No fresh positions allowed
Thu 01:38:22 p L&T expects orders to grow 50% this year
Thu 01:46:43 p IPCL Q3 profit at Rs2.28bn (up 20%)
Thu 02:05:37 p Orchid Chemical Q3 profit at Rs289.6mn (up 402%) and sales at Rs2.38bn (up 37.5%)


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